Final Fantasy VII Remake: Release Date, Story, Battle System & More

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix

For far too long, Final Fantasy VII fans lamented the lack of a proper remake for their most beloved entry in the series.

Those same fans thought they’d seen signs of that remake during an E3 2005 PS3 tech demo that used Final Fantasy VII as a base. But it turns out that instance was nothing more than a tease. Fast forward to Sony’s E3 2015 press conference where that dream of an FF7 remake came true. The wait for updates about the Final Fantasy VII remake was excruciatingly long, but fans were joyous once those news tidbits hit the web. And come 2020, the very first chapter of the game will finally become available to the world.

In preparation for Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release, here’s everything you need to know about this dream project.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date & Playable Platform

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sephiroth

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The first chapter of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is set for launch on April 10, 2020. The only platform this remake will be available on is PS4. Due to the enormity of this game, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released as a two-disc package. The entirety of this remake project will be released in a similar manner to the Final Fantasy XIII series, which means it’ll be split into multiple entries.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Reveal Trailer

Story & Characters

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake offers a full retelling of the original game’s story. The overall plotline follows Cloud Strife, an ex-Shinra soldier who decides to align himself with an eco-terrorist faction known as “AVALANCHE.” Cloud fights alongside this group on a mission to fight against the Shinra corporation, who’s responsible for draining the planet’s spirit energy (known as the “Lifestream”).

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Aeris

Square Enix

The first chapter of this remake will primarily focus on the events that take place within Midgar and feature important characters such as Cloud, Barrett Wallace, Tifa Lockheart, and Aerith Gainsborough. Based on the footage shown thus far, it seems as if Sephiroth will be seen a lot earlier than expected. But it looks as if Cloud will encounter his mortal enemy within his tortured memories and not in the physical form just yet. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s starting chapter will expand upon the story beats that mainly play out within the city of Midgar. And there’s no need to worry – the
hilarious Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing sequence will thankfully make its return.

Battle System

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle System

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s battle system offers a unique mix between action-RPG mechanics and a modified version of Final Fantasy’s “Active Time Battle” system. Cloud can strike down the opposition with his massive blade, Barrett can shoot down enemies with his iconic arm machine gun, Tifa can KO the opposition with her martial arts moveset, and Aerith can land physical blows with her stave. As your character lands standard attacks, his/her’s associated ATB gauge will gradually fill up (there will be two ATB bars that can be completely filled for each character).

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Barrett

Square Enix

After fully filling an ATB bar, you’ll be able to enter “Tactical Mode.” Once activated, the action slows down to a crawl and allows you to pull off special abilities, activate “Materia” magic spells, land powerful “Limit Break” attacks and utilize items. Speaking of Materia, brand new magic spells not seen in the original release will debut here. Using any of these useful maneuvers depletes one ATB bar. Thankfully, you’ll be able to switch between party members during a battle (the other characters intelligently fight on their own). In a cool nod to the original release, this remake will feature a “classic mode” that offers traditional battle mechanics that allow you to give commands to your characters as they move around on their own while the ATB gauge automatically fills.

As for Summons, each character can equip up to one Summon Materia. Once one’s Summon gauge is completely filled through the use of attacks, the summoned creature will enter the battle and go on the offensive. Through the use of ATB gauge charges, you can also command the summon monster to pull off unique attacks. It has been confirmed that Summons will only be activated during boss battles and encounters with strong foes, such as mini-bosses.



Final Fantasy 7 Remake Deluxe Edition

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available in three different physical forms – Standard (sold here), Deluxe (sold here), and the “1st Class” Edition. Pre-ordering the Standard Edition of the game gets you access to the “Chocobo Chick Summon Materia” DLC. Pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition also gets you that same Summon Materia, plus a second one in the form of “Cactuar.” The Deluxe Edition also comes with the following set of items seen below:

• a physical version of the game
• an art book
• a mini-soundtrack CD
• a special Steelbook case

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Collector's Edition

Square Enix

The 1st Class Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake can only be acquired through the Square Enix Store (sold here). This massive (and expensive!) Collector’s Edition comes with the following goodies listed below:

• a physical version of the game
• the Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona box set figurine
• an art book
• a mini-soundtrack CD
• a special Steelbook case
• the Cactuar Summon Materia DLC pre-order bonus
• the Carbuncle Summon Materia DLC pre-order bonus

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