‘Harry Potter Wizards Unite’: How To Fix the Ministry ID Wireless Network Error


Many people who are playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have noticed an issue with the game when they go to their Ministry ID. It causes the game to crash, forcing a restart, and they get a wireless network error message. Until the bug is fixed, there’s a work around the issue.

Here’s what the error looks like:

The error is triggered when someone tries to see their ministry ID, such as when they go to the ministry ID from the bottom left corner of the screen. It causes the game to crash for many players. The error reads: “An error has occurred with the wireless network. Please try again.” Beneath it are options to report the error and then an option to restart the game. Although reporting the error is a good idea, it doesn’t stop the error from happening again.

Although Niantic is working on a fix, some players have already figured out a workaround. On Reddit, u/Ravenclaw shared the following temporary fix. They wrote that if you do the following, it will bypass the error:

  • Launch the game.
  • Turn off GPS after the map loads and then wait a few seconds.
  • Now access your Ministry ID. At this point it should load fine or you should be able to create your ID if you haven’t yet.

After you’ve accessed your Ministry ID, you can turn GPS back on and play the game. It appears that GPS being on is somehow triggering the error. So this means that this isn’t a permanent fix. You’ll need to turn your GPS off any time that you want to access your Ministry ID until the glitch is fixed.

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