‘Harry Potter Wizards Unite’: Which Ingredients & Items Are Rare & Which Can You Throw Away?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Niantic Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Vault management is important when playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, since at some point you’ll end up with too many ingredients and items and you’ll have to throw something away. Here’s a quick guide, from players who have already been playing earlier versions of the game, about which ingredients and items are rare and which you can toss without concern.

Unicorn Hair Is the Rarest Ingredient

Most players agree that the rarest ingredients are unicorn hair, powdered dragon claw, and hermit crab shells. These are tough to find. If you locate any of these, don’t throw them away to make room for other items if you can avoid it. Unicorn hair in particular is the rarest ingredient of all, and it’s used to create potent extimulo potions, so it’s important to the game.

Some players have also noted that the following ingredients may be rare or uncommon on a varying basis: bitter root, dittany, then followed in rarity by snowdrops, dragon livers, sopophorous bean, and runespoor eggs. (Note: some players also have trouble finding wormwood, so that might be worth holding onto until you determine how common it is in your region.)

Don’t Max Out Your Ingredients Limit, So You Don’t Miss Rare Rewards

In general, it’s a good idea to stay under your vault limits for potions and ingredients. If your vault is full, you might miss getting a rare ingredient when it appears as a reward. You can’t get it back in those situations, so keep some empty spaces in your vault so you don’t miss out.

You can also empty some space in your ingredients bag by making a lot of potions and using them liberally. Use brain elixirs a lot, or exstimulo potions if you’re facing a trace or fortress. (Exstimulo potions in particular are often rewarded for activities, so many players agree that this potion is OK to use freely.) Creating and using potions is a better way to free up space in your bag rather than simply throwing away ingredients.

If you really do need to toss out ingredients, some players say that any hair other than unicorn hair appears regularly and is OK to toss if you need to make more space. Just keep four or so and you should be OK.

Silver Keys Are Rarer than Gold Keys, & Spell Energy Runs Out Fast

You might also be wondering about the rarity of items other than ingredients. What about keys, for example? When it comes to keys, save up your silver keys and only use them for 10k and 7k portkeys. Gold keys are more common, so use those for 2k portkeys. You don’t need to save or hoard your gold keys.

As far as seeds, some players recommend only keeping three of each seed because storage is low.

And spell energy, of course, is in short supply. That’s a problem you’ll encounter quickly. Heavy has a detailed guide on what to do about spell energy here. But in general, you’ll want to make sure you have eight to 10 spell energy in place in case you encounter a severe or emergency trace.

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