How to Get the Hibiscus Potion in Cadence of Hyrule

How to Get Hibiscus Potion Cadence of Hyrule

The Hibiscus Potion will wake up Link or Zelda.

At the start of Cadence of Hyrule, players are given the choice to choose between either Link or Zelda, making this one of the few games that features a playable Zelda.

In Kakariko Village players will find a snoozing Zelda or Link, depending on how they chose at the beginning, in a house to the very north and it seems like there is no way to wake them up. This is where the Hibiscus Potion comes in.

Using the Hibiscus Potion will allow players to switch back and forth between Link and Zelda at will at Sheikah Stones.

Each character has their own unique spin, but more or less play the same barring some differences in move sets.

Getting your hands on the potion isn’t really all that hard but players will have to go through a dungeon, something you’ll probably be used to at this point.

Cadence of Hyrule Hibiscus Potion

The giant middle tombstone is hiding the entrance to the crypt.

Exit the house, head to the graveyard right next door where the old man is standing and push the middle tombstone and you’ll reveal stairs to the dungeon.

From here you’ll have to battle through the Kakariko Village Crypt and eventually you will find yourself face to face with a Dark Link. All you have to do is defeat him and you’ll get your hands on the potion.

It’s not a fairly difficult battle so you should be able to dispatch him quickly and claim your reward.

How to Wake up Link or Zelda Cadence of Hyrule

You can now wake up Link or Zelda with the Hibiscus Potion.

Now you can exit the crypt and go back into the house where you’ll be able to use the potion to wake up whatever character is sleeping.

The game will tell you that you’re now able to switch back and forth between the characters, something that will come in handy in certain spots in the game.

Cadence of Hyrule is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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