How to Earn Imperials in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Imperials Chalice of Opulence

The Season of Opulence has officially begun and there’s a plethora of new content for Destiny 2 users to enjoy. One of the biggest additions is the Menagerie, a 6-player matchmade activity that boasts its own collection of unique guns and armor. In order to unlock these rewards, you’ll need to use Imperials in the Chalice of Opulence. These Imperials not only allow you to use the Chalice but define what type of properties your gear will have.

There are four different ways to unlock Imperials for the Chalice of Opulence and most of them are tied to weekly bounties or chests. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to obtain Imperials in Destiny 2:

    • Open Weekly Chests on the Nessus Bridge
    • Complete Weekly Bounties From Benedict 99-40
    • Use the Runefiner consumable and then complete a Strike, Crucible match, or Gambit match
    • Turn in Menagerie Triumphs

These Imperials are used to upgrade the different levels of your Chalice. The Weekly Bounties will be the most consistent method without having to spend additional resources. However, you can purchase Runefiner’s from Werner on Nessus if you want to increase your chances of obtaining a Rune after a Strike, Gambit, or Crucible match.

For simply upgrading your Chalice, just focus on finishing all the Weekly Bounties offered. This is far and away the best method right now for obtaining Imperials. These bounties also offer Powerful Rewards, which is always nice if you’re trying to rank up. Just remember to turn in your Menagerie Triumphs otherwise you’ll be missing out on a lot of Imperials.

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