Read Only Memories Neurodiver Announced

read only memories neurodiver


Developer MidBoss announced Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, the sequel to 2064: Read Only Memories.

The game is coming to PC and Mac in 2020, according to a press release sent to Heavy. Players are once again placed in the world of Neo-San Francisco, this time playing as ES88 who willingly gave up her identity and memory to be employed at MINERVA and undergo a procedure to use the powerful Neurodiver device. She’s tasked with hunting down a rogue psychic known as the Golden Butterfly attacking the subconscious minds of the populace.

ES88 can use the Neurodiver to enter and change other people’s memories to find clues and track down the rogue. However, overusing the Neurodiver could irreparably corrupt the memories of targets.

Read Only Memories: NeurodiverTake on the role of a gifted esper, ES88, and hunt down the Golden Butterfly, a powerful rogue telepath who's hidden themselves away in the memories of the citizens of Neo-San Francisco. With the help of the genetically engineered psionic creature known as the Neurodiver, ES88 will dive into the memories and take on the…2019-06-11T17:58:56.000Z

Players can expect new characters, locations and mechanics from the first game along with retro-inspired music and graphics. The point-and-click adventure game will explore themes of memory, perception and identity.

“The mystery of the Golden Butterfly is the perfect opportunity to expand the Read Only Memories universe,” said Cade Peterson, CEO of MidBoss. “Everything fans of 2064 loved is still there: diverse characters, an immersive cyberpunk world, fun puzzles and a great story.”

You can read updates on the game on MidBoss’ Twitter page and blog.

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