The Evil Within 3 at E3 2019: What to Expect

The Evil Within 3 E3 2019

There are a lot of games coming to this years E3, but one title we are hoping to see is The Evil Within 3. A series developed by Tango Gameworks, this horror franchise is known for delivering terrifying monsters, compelling characters, and great moment-to-moment gameplay. Since The Evil Within 2’s release back in 2017, there has been no word about the possibility of a third entry until June 1. Here is everything we know about The Evil With 3 and what we expect to see from this title going forward.

(We will update this post if any new information is revealed regarding The Evil Within 3 before or during E3.)

Update 1: 6/9/2019

Sadly, The Evil Within 3 wasn’t revealed during Bethesda’s press conference this year. Instead, Mikami unveiled his new project, GhostWire: Tokyo. For now, it appears that any hopes of The Evil Within 3 getting announced has been dashed against the rocks.

Could The Evil Within 3 Happen?

On June 1, Shinji Mikami posted on Twitter that he will be heading to E3 this year on a business trip. For the unfamiliar, Mikami was the director of The Evil Within and a producer for the sequel. This could indicate that he is visiting to show off the next installment in this horror franchise. At the time of writing this, there has been no word or teases from The Evil Within’s official Twitter account. Additionally, the game’s publisher – Bethesda – has remained equally quiet about the possibility of a new entry.

However, there is a chance that Mikami is coming to E3 for another game. Prior to his work on The Evil With, Mikami made a name for himself through his work on the Dino Crisis and Resident Evil franchises. The former is the most likely thanks to a series of tweets from Gamestop that appears to confirm something from this series. This, of course, could simply be Gamestop being tongue-in-cheek about the entire situation.

What to Expect

Now it’s time to wildly speculate about what could be shown if The Evil Within 3 is announced. We would be genuinely surprised if any gameplay was shown during this E3. Instead, we suspect that there will be a brief cinematic trailer teasing the characters and setting.

It’s only been two years since the last game, so we would be surprised if a third entry was scheduled to release anytime in 2019. There’s a better chance that the next installment would drop sometime in mid or late 2020. The only time we foresee this game getting revealed is during Bethesda’s press conference which is on June 9.

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