5 Toy Story Drop! Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Toy Story fever is in full swing once again!

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang are banding together for a fourth film in the Toy Story franchise. Plus they’re ready to take over your mobile devices with their brand new mobile game. Toy Story Drop! follows the criteria of all your favorite match-three puzzlers – you’ll need to fulfill the goals attached to several puzzle stages and climb the ladder to even tougher ones. This essential tips guide will provide you with all the know-how needed to complete every stage with as little trouble as possible.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Toy Story Drop:

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1. Remember How to Create and Activate All Those Boost Pieces

Toy Story Drop

Big Fish Games, Inc

Toy Story Drop! features a ton of stage goals that you’ll need to complete. Some stages require you to clear off a required number of pieces, while other stages ask you to make matches near bigger obstacles in order to knock them off the board. There’s also stages that ask you to create matches that wipe away certain one-tile obstacles, such as bubble wrap. You’ll sometimes find yourself trying to transport objects all the way to the bottom of the stage. Producing power-up pieces and properly activating them are the best way to make sure you get past these stage objectives.

• Matching four pieces in a square formation creates a rocket boost. Matching a rocket with another piece or activating it in place causes it to wipe out a piece that’s attached to the task at hand. Matching four pieces in a row/column creates a Jack-in-the-Box boost. Depending on the arrow direction that’s represented by that boost type, you can use it to clear out an entire row/column of puzzle pieces.

• Matching five pieces in an L/T shape formation leads to the creation of a bouncy ball. Upon activation, this boost takes out any pieces within its blast radius. And finally, matching up five pieces in a straight line creates a disco ball – matching up this boost with any piece causes all other pieces of that same type to get cleared off the board. Activating a disco ball in place clears off any batteries on the board – this helps you collect them and put them towards unlocking newer sections of the ascending game map.

2. Power Up Piece Combinations Will Save Your Hide Every Time

Toy Story Drop

Big Fish Games, Inc

• Boost pieces are certainly great when used on their own. But matching up boost pieces together will present you with even better results! Rockets can be attached to the Jack-in-the-Box boost and even the bouncy ball boost. Once either combination is activated, the rocket will transport itself to a random piece and cause the effect of either the Jack-in-the-Box or the bouncy ball to activate in that random location.

• Matching up two Jack-in-the Boxes causes both boxes to clear out a row and a column at the same time. Matching up two bouncy balls causes their blast radius to increase, which leads to more pieces getting cleared off the board in one turn. Matching up the disco ball with any other boost piece creates multiple versions of that piece. Those pieces then end up in random spots on the board and activate as soon as they’re visible.

3. After Failing a Tough Stage the First Time Through, Use One of Your Boosts During Your Next Try

• The higher you move up the ladder, the tougher the puzzles become. Eventually, you’ll end up failing a stage and be forced to start from the very beginning if you’re not willing to spend any coins for five extra moves. For your first playthrough of any stage, try to complete it without using any of the boosts you’re given the option of selecting before you start a stage.

• Use this initial playthrough to get an idea of what the current stage’s piece lineup entails – if you fail, you’ll have a better idea of how to complete it during your next try. You’ll also pick up on which pre-stage boost is best for the stage you’re now having trouble with. Getting your hands on extra disco balls, combo boosts, and rocket boosts is tough. It’s best to use them sparingly by applying them to repeated playthroughs of a stage that gave you problems the first time around.

4. The Preferred Time to Use Your Flying Saucer or The Claw

Toy Story Drop

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• Besides the boosts you can pick before a stage, there’s two extra boost types that are visible on the right side of the stage – the Flying Saucer and The Claw. The Flying Saucer has the ability to clear off any piece on the board that you select. You should only utilize this boost when you’re down to your last five moves. The Flying Saucer is a lifesaver in that type of situation, especially when you just need to clear off one marble or random piece that’s blocking an object from reaching the bottom of the board.

• As for The Claw, it works by switching two pieces’ current positioning. Whenever you’re close to failing a stage and spot a match opportunity that needs a similar piece to complete it, break out The Claw so you can obtain the third piece for that match. The Claw also works great when you’re trying to get an object to the bottom of a stage – sometimes you’ll need The Claw to do its thing by transporting a piece that can complete a match underneath that object and help it reach its goal.

5. You Should Only Spend Your Coins on Extra Moves

Toy Story Drop

Big Fish Games, Inc

• The completion rewards that come your way for completing a stage are extra coins and blue batteries. Whenever you’re close as possible to beating a stage but end up failing before you do so, put them towards purchasing five extra moves if you have enough coins on hand.

• This is honestly the only feature you should spend your coins on – there’s really no need to exchange them for extra batteries. You can easily obtain more batteries by replaying beaten stages. Obtaining even more coins can be accomplished through this method as well. Once you hit a roadblock after failing a stage numerous times, go back and complete some older stages. The extra coins you’ll gain from them will be essential as you look to attain victory with those five extra moves.

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