5 Cat Game – The Cats Collector! Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

MinoMonsters, Inc.

Cat Game – The Cats Collector! is easy to love and even easier to play!

As the owner of a new apartment, you’ll attach new floors to it as you unlock new room decorations and cute feline companions. As your home reaches new heights, you’ll be given new tasks to complete that help you acquire the cats and furniture needed to make your home even more appealing. With this helpful tips and tricks guide, you’ll acquire the knowledge needed to make the best of your dream home. It’s time to give your cats the lovable, towering home they deserve!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Cat Game – The Cats Collector!:

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1. Focus on Completely Filling One Floor with Decorations at a Time

Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

MinoMonsters, Inc.

• Each floor of your kitty-filled home can be filled out with a wide array of decorations. Just tap on the “Deliver” tab to take a look at the progress you’re making on a particular room within the “Cat-alog.” You should focus on adding all the decorations needed to complete a single room at a time – doing so helps you acquire a key that can be put towards opening a basket within the “Special” tab. These premium baskets tend to gift you with some extra rare cats and dogs! The Special tab even has its own set of floors to fill up, so it’s worth spending some time in there from time to time when you have some extra keys in your possession.

• Whenever you find yourself reaching a roadblock of sorts on a single floor (which means not having anything else to deliver for that room), start working on the proceeding floor. But as soon the previous room you focused on has something new to deliver, switch focuses and get back to decorating that prior room to the fullest!

2. Feed Your Hungry Felines With Their Preferred Delicacies

Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

MinoMonsters, Inc.

• In order to unlock a new timed delivery basket, you’ll need to feed one of your hungry cats. It’s easy to see who needs feeding since a hungry cat usually has a thought bubble floating above them. And that thought bubble always tells you what type of food they’re craving. You should make it a habit of rewarding your hungry kittens with their requested foods – performing this task doubles the number of hearts needed to fill a cat’s basket delivery meter. So say for instance you have a cat that prefers wet cat food. Wet cat food normally fills one heart at a time – feeding a cat who wants that type of food means they’ll receive two hearts instead of one.

• If you ever find yourself without the food type a cat desires, pay a visit to the shop and see if it’s available for purchase (ignore purchasing basic crafting goods – food purchases are way more important in the long run). It’s pretty easy to gather coins (especially since gift boxes full of them appear periodically on each of your home’s floors), so you should usually have enough to acquire 10 pieces of each available food type within the game’s shop. If you don’t have enough coins to purchase more food and you don’t have the preferred food for one of your cats, go ahead and feed them the type of food that gives them the most hearts. You might as well fill their hearts meter at a faster pace with rarer food types.

3. Keep on Delivering Those Baskets and Supplies

• You’ll need to deliver baskets in order to unlock new cats and get your hands on the supplies needed to build room decorations. We already mentioned how important it is to complete a single floor of your room by fully decking it out with decorations and furniture. But don’t forget to add an extra bit of flair to each room by adding some cats to the overall decor.

• Unlocking kittens and new decorations awards you with stars – these stars help fill your player meter. Once you reach a new level, you’ll be rewarded with an extra gift box that’s full of multiple items that give you even more stars! So stay on top of your basket delivery and supplies gathering tasks in order to gather stars that help you reach new player levels and acquire the items needed to build new decorative items for each floor of your home.

4. Take a Daily Trip to the Bank

Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

MinoMonsters, Inc.

• Every time you return to the game after a long break, there are a few things you should do first. Be sure to collect all the extra coins your trusty cats found for you while you were away. Then you should head right into the “Bank” tab to take advantage of all the special actions you’ve managed to unlock.

• Whichever one of those actions that have a green checkmark next to it is the one you should fulfill first – completing it allows you to get your hands on an extra gift that nets you big quantities of coins or gems. Once you’ve done that, spend some time checking out the other special actions so you can get your hands on even more coins. Enter a contest, watch a video ad, and play a minigame to keep your coins purse healthy!

5. Put Your Gems Towards Special Purchases and Make Sure You Join a Club

• Gems are this game’s version of a premium currency – you usually get them for free just by increasing your player level and getting them as a gift when you complete a special action within the bank (and of course, that special action needs to have a green checkmark next to it).

• Gems are primarily used to earn an extra special cat or decoration within the timed “Secret Basket” tab at the top left of the screen. By the way, hook up with a club as soon as you have the ability to do so. The extra goodies you receive just for doing so are worth the effort!

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