How to Cheese the Tributes in Destiny 2’s Tribute Hall

Destiny 2 Cheese Tribute Hall

With one exploit fixed another major ones appears in Destiny 2. Tied to the newly introduced Tribute Hall, this cheese allows players to meet the required amount of Tributes for both the Exotic emote and Bad Juju catalyst. The catch is you won’t be able to access the Bad Juju quest during this cheese. However, this method can save players a ton of materials and time if they don’t feel like filling this treasure room the old fashioned way.

Keep in mind, this cheese will not work if you have already placed the banner flag and opened the doors to the Tribute Hall. You will also need two characters to make this work, so if you don’t have one then this cheese is impossible to perform.

Here are the steps for cheesing the Tribute Hall and obtaining all 50 tributes in Destiny 2.

1. Get the Invitation quest from Werner and go to the Tribute Hall

2. Interact with the Golden Calus statue and turn in the bounty

3. Do not place the tribute banner by the door. Leave everything alone once the bounty is turned in.

4. Switch to your second Guardian 

5. Go to the tribute hall with your second Guardian 

6. Place the tribute banner with your second Guardian and then go to orbit

7. Repeat steps  5-6 until you have placed all 50 tributes 

Doing this will only unlock the Bad Juju quest, catalyst, and the new Exotic emote tied to a triumph. If you want to start the Bad Juju quest go back to your first Guardian, place the banner and open the doors. This will stop the cycle and let you progress through the game as you normally should. The catch is none of statues or enemy projections will be available regardless if you get 50/50 tributes.

You will still need to grind through the triumphs and bounties that Calus offers to complete this treasure room. Currently, Bungie has not patched this exploit but we fully expect it to get fixed in the next couple of weeks. Unless you really want to avoid the grind and get the Bad Juju, then this cheese won’t appeal to you.

However, we recommend you skip the skip the cheese and partake in the grind. Filling the treasure room is incredibly rewarding, especially once you start getting the awesome raid statues. Remember, if you have opened up the tribute room prior to reading this then the cheese is impossible to complete.

Grow fat with strength, Guardian!

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