How to Get the Golem in Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games Here's how to get the Golem in Teamfight Tactics.

There are numerous team compositions in Teamfight Tactics and you might’ve come across one of the buffs that give you or your opponent a Golem to fight with.

This Golem can completely swing a match in your favor as it features a lot of hit points and represents a big hurdle for your opponent to cross.

It isn’t available as a unit from the carousel or shop, but instead, it is available through a buff.

To get the Golem to fight on your side, you need to get the full Elementalist buff. Once you do this, you’ll be able to start each round with a Golem on your side and put a lot of fear into your opponent.

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Riot GamesGetting a Golem relies on the Elementalist buff.

Unfortunately, the Elementalist buff doesn’t come all that easy and you’ll really need to pay attention to what Champions you pick if you want to get it.

There are only four Elementalists in the game – Anivia, Kennen, Brand and Lissandra – so you’ll need to snag them whenever you see them pop up. You only need three of them for the Golem to come out.

Anivia and Brand only start to show up at the mid to late-game so it might be a little while before you’re able to debut your Golem.

Because of this, it’s important to not rely on the Golem for your victory and to really only go for it if it’s readily available. By the time you’re able to get it out, your team might not be able to compete with the other teams left.

Don’t get us wrong, the Golem is a very viable unit but you should focus on other comps first unless the Elementalists are able to fall in your lap.

Teamfight Tactics is out now on PC through the League of Legends client.

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