Pokemon GO Appraisal Improved with Update

pokemon go appraisal


Pokemon GO‘s appraisal system became much more detailed and useful with the 0.149.0 update that released today.

The appraisal system is used to get a sense of the IVs of a Pokemon, or the hidden values that slightly increase the stats of a Pokemon over others. Previously, your team leader would appear to give a somewhat vague idea of your Pokemon’s IVs by saying how strong it is overall, which of its stats is the highest and how high that stat is. They would also tell you if your Pokemon was abnormally large or small. Players would have to consult a chart such as this one on GamePress to really know what the leader was saying.

Now, as you can see below in a video by The Silph Road Subreddit User katielynn27, the team leader tells you the size of the Pokemon and then gives you a chart detailing how many IVs are in one of the three stats. If a bar is red, then that Pokemon has the full 15 points in that stat. The Pokemon is also rated out of three stars and the team leader tells you when and where the Pokemon was caught. You will also be able to swipe left and right to switch between different Pokemon with the appraisal occurring automatically.

In addition to the revamped appraisal system, there have also been some small yet useful user interface improvements added with the new update. Trainer Battles will now display the CP of you and your opponent’s Pokemon.

According to Niantic, Charge Moves in Trainer Battles will incorporate different minigames based on swiping or tapping icons on the phone.

The Charge Move button was moved below the list of attacks for a Pokemon.

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