‘Pokemon Go’ R Meme: See the Help Ticket that Started It All


The Pokemon Go R countdown live stream is exciting and no one is quite sure what to expect after getting all those “R” notifications. But it’s also bringing back memories from nearly two years ago, when a lowly 35-day support request received a strange response from Niantic that simply read “R.” That response became a “meme” of sorts that people joked endlessly about, and now some players who were around back then are wondering if Niantic is also poking fun at themselves while they’re running a Team Rocket mystery. So if you’ve seen people mentioning the “R” meme, they’re not talking about a literal meme, but they’re referring back to a help ticket response that went viral. Here’s a look at what happened nearly two years ago and the stories people are remembering now.

About two years ago, u/MistaWhiska shared a post on the PokemonGo subreddit to share their dismay about Niantic’s response to a support request. After waiting nearly 35 days on a support ticket, they were excited to find that Niantic finally responded. But all Niantic said was “R” and then closed the ticket.


The story went viral with 28,800 upvotes on Reddit and 1,200 comments. One person said it was pretty much a step away from “cool story bro.”

One person had an explanation for what happened. Redditor u/GothWitchofBrooklyn said they were using Zendesk. They wrote: “They are using Zendesk, which has a weird way of saving your replies. The person meant to assign the ticket or requeue it or take some other action, but this action also sends out an email to the requester if there is any text in the box. Whoops!” 

My personal favorite response was u/Witty_Retort_Indeed who wrote: “Support has been outsourced to Pirates!” 

MistaWhiska said they were very confused by the reply. “Does it stand for Reply? Resolved? Respond? Rejected? I don’t even know how to respond?” One person, u/ShannonVogel, presciently responded: “Rocket obviously.”


Now the once-popular meme is making a comeback, thanks to Pokemon Go’s R notifications.

But this time the “R” isn’t a mistake. It’s actually part of a bigger livestream event that starts at midnight on July 28.

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