5 Pokémon Rumble Rush Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The wild and wonderful world of Pokémon is back on mobile!

The latest mobile phone/tablet adventure from The Pokémon Company is a tap-heavy game known as Pokémon Rumble Rush. As an “Adventurer,” you’ll explore different regions of a massive island as you set out to capture new pocket monsters. You’ll need to amass an army of powerful Pokémon so you can take on powerful bosses, brave Tournament encounters, and defeat all sorts of other creatures worth collecting. With our assistance, you’ll have no problem filling out your Pokédex for both the Kanto and Johto regions.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Pokémon Rumble Rush:

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1. Before You Head Out…

Pokémon Rumble Rush

The Pokemon Company

• You’ll need to properly set up your attack party. Depending on the Pokémon you’ve captured from a region, you’ll need to attach “Power Gears” and “Summon Gears” to the creatures who are eligible for battle within that location. It’s always worth taking a trip into the “Pokémon & Gears” menu to see which creature has the highest “CP” rating. That creature is usually the one you want to equip with a basic Power Move Gear and a Summon Gear – it’s worth making your strongest creature even stronger with a few item assists.

• This method is also worth mentioning since you’ll usually need to reach a certain CP limit in order to confront a boss – Power Move Gears (especially upgraded ones!) help raise a Pokemon’s CP. If you happen to have a few extra elemental-type Move Plus Gears and additional Summon Gears on hand, attach them to the appropriate elemental types who have a good CP rating as well. You’ll need all the help you can get during basic stages and Tournament battles. When the going gets tough, you can always switch out to your next strongest Pokemon to stay in the fight. Switching to other Pokemon who have three to five-star ratings for their attacks is also a worthwhile option!

2. How to Attain Victory and Capture More Pokémon

Pokémon Rumble Rush

The Pokemon Company

• While Pokémon Rumble Rush may seem like a simple tap and attack experience at first, it’s a lot deeper than you might think. Holding onto the screen charges up your current Pokémon’s attack – this ability is great when you run into Pokémon that are known to run away after you land a basic attack. A single charged attack should knock a pesky runner like that right out! A charged attack is also preferable when you run into boss Pokémon – rely on basic attacks to take out the boss’ minions, then activate your Summon Gear Pokémon to land an attack while you charge up your next attack.

• When the boss’ health is low enough, pull off some basic attacks to whittle down its last remaining bits of health. By the way, you can totally bypass the Pokémon on the basic trail of a stage by dashing past them (just swipe upwards on the screen). This method works best when you’re just looking to capture boss Pokémon and don’t want to worry about running through the stage all over again. Oh and the dash also works best when you’re trying to move out of the way of any incoming attacks (this tactic is especially useful when you’re up against a tough boss). If you choose to run through a stage the normal way, keep an eye out for “sparkling” Pokémon – these are the types of creatures that are guaranteed to be captured upon defeat!

3. The Basics of Adventure Mode

Pokémon Rumble Rush

The Pokemon Company

• Making your way to another region means you’ll come across a new variety of Pokémon and boss creatures that need to be captured. You’re usually given two weeks to fully explore an area and complete its many challenges before the next one comes around – you’ll also get your hands on some exclusive gears that are tied to the location you’re currently exploring. Keep this in mind every time you complete a stage – you can only return to the last three beaten stages of a region. Be sure to lock a stage you’re farming extra Pokémon from by tapping on the padlock icon near the top left of that stage to keep it in rotation.

• See those other hot air balloons flying around the area? Those are fellow adventurers – tapping on any one of their balloons gives you a rundown of their Pokémon’s stats. The best part about this feature is the special stage you can hop into with them. This stage stands out due to the fact that your chosen Pokémon battles alongside their main monster for a battle against a specific boss. Play as many different Adventurer stages as you can to get your hands on some really powerful Pokémon and extra rewards!


• Make the most of your time spent within a region before it’s time expires. What we mean by that is this – keep repeating beaten stages even if you’ve captured all the Pokémon from it. Beating an already completed stage over and over helps you catch stronger versions of the Pokémon you’ve already captured.

• Creatures with higher CP tend to come your way if you follow this method. Taking down boss Pokémon raises the region’s CP cap, which also means you’ll come across even stronger Pokémon. Farming completed stages and gradually taking down boss Pokémon are the best ways to acquire more creatures and get your hands on stronger versions of each one.

5. Be Sure to Complete Your Challenges

Pokémon Rumble Rush

The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Rumble Rush has three types of challenges – Daily, Limited, and Adventurer. The last two are the types of challenges you can complete over time, but you should go out of your way to finish your Daily challenges every time you log in. Getting through challenges nets you gems, which are used to speed up the completion time for developing “Ores.”

• If you hate waiting around to unlock new gears, then make sure you have a pocket full of gems on hand every time. Knock out those daily challenges every day, get through the other two challenge types as well, and you should always have enough gems on hand for all your ore development efforts.

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