Every Week 1, Season 2 Challenge in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Week 1 Season 2 Challenges

Season 2 of Apex Legends is officially here and it’s bringing some big changes to this multiplayer shooter. One of the largest is tied to how you level up your battle pass. Previously, players simply earned experience towards their levels which ended up being slow and tedious. Developer Respawn Entertainment has supplemented this with a  challenge-based progression system.

This means you both your match XP and the STARS earned from challenges will go towards ranking up your battle pass. There are two types of challenges – Daily and Weekly – with the latter being longer, typically harder quests.

Here is every challenge for Apex Legends Week 1, Season 2:

    • Deal 200 Damage to Enemies in Skull Town
    • Get 20 Headshots With Assault Rifles
    • Get 20 Knockdowns as Wraith, Wattson, Bloodhound, or Caustic
    • Outlive 200 Opponents
    • Pathfinder’s Zipline Used 10 Times by Squadmates
    • Get 1 Kill With Gibraltar’s Bombardment
    • Loot a Legendary Body Shield 3 Times

You will have until the end of the season to complete these challenges so don’t fret. We recommend focusing on the easy ones first such as dealing damage in Skull Town or looting Legendary Body Shields. The hardest is certainly Gibraltar’s ultimate, so try to use this when other teams are either pre-occupied or pinned down.

Remember, you have to secure the kill with his ultimate, so if you knock an enemy down just toss this next to them. This will kill them and harm anyone silly enough to try and survive it. Just be careful of Watson, as she can nullify your ultimate completely. There’s no rush, so focus on your Daily Challenges first before moving onto the Weekly ones.

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