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Pokemon Go is counting down to a mysterious event and it seems pretty big. You can watch the countdown live in the video above. It was shared from Pokemon Go‘s official YouTube account and Twitter account. It’s unclear what’s going to happen once the timer is reached, but you can watch it live above to see what Pokemon Go has in store.

UPDATE: The countdown ended and nothing appears to have happened if you’re still watching and waiting, but Team Rocket DID take over Pokemon Go’s Twitter page. Meanwhile, the live stream has been changed to read: “TEAM ROCKET COUNTDOWN! (Pokémon GO).” They announced on Twitter at the time that the countdown ended that they have taken over.

In fact, this video below, shared on Pokemon Go’s Twitter account, might be what we should have seen on the live stream when it ended. But instead, the live stream just shut down.

So it appears that the video itself led to nothing, but it was a countdown for Team Rocket taking over the other accounts and the game itself. Team Rocket will be taking over ALL Pokestops today between 4-5 p.m. local time.


Interestingly, when the live stream first started it almost looked like they messed up and showed some of the computer’s desktop when the stream first began. But this was likely not accidental and was actually a clue. The desktop had a lot of files on it. There were two COMP videos and then a clip below it titled “Final KKDay,” noted Redditor TrainerChops. You could see this image on the screen when the video first started, trainers said:


In case you’re wondering, Reid Hoffman likely refers to Reid Garrett Hoffman, an internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He’s the co-founder of LinkedIn and is a partner at Greylock Partners.

The reference to KKDay might refer to a travel discount site called KKDay that also sells tickets to attractions, one Redditor suggests.

Then there’s the topographic map in the background of the countdown video, which might also be a clue of some sort. And these grunts’ faces keep reappearing:


Plus it’s not a silent countdown. There’s a creepy static sound in the background.

Shortly before the countdown video began, trainers got notifications that just said “R” and the Twitter and Instagram accounts shared images with the letter R.

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The countdown will end at 21:00 PDT or midnight Eastern (11 p.m. Central.) So for some people depending on the time zone, the countdown will indeed be ending just as the clock turns to July 28. This is also 4 p.m. New Zealand time on July 28.

Fans of Pokemon Go who also played Ingress think these new developments are pretty exciting. Ingress is known for its great storytelling, so players are happy to see something similar finally happening with Pokemon Go.

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