Where to Find the Drift Painted Items in Fortnite, Season 10

Fortnite Drift Painted Durr Burger Stone Head Dinosaur

Fortnite Season 10 has finally arrived and it’s bringing some substantial changes. Along with a new battle pass, this season will introduce the B.R.U.T.E. mech. This vehicle appears to have devastating power and can easily take down structures by jumping through them. However, unlike Ballers, the driver is exposed when driving making it easy to pick them off if you’re using an accurate weapon such as a sniper rifle.

There are also a plethora of new challenges to complete that will take players all across the island. One of the new challenges tied to the Road Pass mission requires users to visit a Drift painted Durr Burger Head, dinosaur, and stone head statue. Here’s where to find each of these items in Fortnite.

Drift Painted Durr Burger Head

Fortnite Drift Painted Durr Burger Stone Head Dinosaur

The first of the three items can be found to the right of Pleasant Park. On a small mountain surrounded by Rifts, you’ll find a large Durr Burger Head with the Drift mark on the tongue. Just approach it to trigger completing this part of the objective. Remember, there will be others near you, so scramble into one of the rifts once you reach it.

Drift Painted Dinosaur

You can find the Drift Painted dinosaur in the desert area of the map. When you jump, land in quadrant I9 near the bend of the road. There will be three dinosaurs there and landing near them will trigger completing these step of the challenge. If you need loot, consider hitting up the nearby junkyard first before you go to this location.

Drift Painted Stone Head Statue

Fortnite Drift Painted Stone Head

Finally, the Drift painted item can be found in the snow area northeast of the frozen lake. It will be a lone stone head, typically with a chest on it, in grid C6. Fly there and you should see the statue. There will also be a small house near the statue and a few trees if you are having trouble orientating yourself.

This section may be bugged, as mine triggered near the excavation site at Loot Lake, despite numerous other videos showcasing the statue’s location in the snow region. If the quest isn’t triggering for the snow region, try going to the walled-off area southeast of Loot Lake. There will be a small excavation site with a tower right next to it. You can find a stone head statue buried into the ground right by the vault.