How to Get Gear Packs (Loot Boxes) in Gears POP!

Gears POP Gears Packs

The new mobile game Gears POP! has finally arrived and it’s bringing cute carnage all around the world. Revolving around two players battling it out for territory until your opponent’s fortifications are destroyed. This is done by placing units (Pins) onto the battlefield, which advance, attack, and disrupt your foe’s plans. However, to unlock these Pins and the currency used to purchase them you’ll need to open Gear Packs. These are the loot boxes of Gears POP! and you’ll need to acquire them if you have any hope of winning down the road.

The first and easiest way to earn Gear Packs is by winning matches in Versus. Beating an opponent will earn you a silver-tier loot box which can be unlocked one of two ways. The first is just by waiting until the four-hour timer expires while the second involves you spending the rare real-world money currency, crystals. Using crystals forces the box open immediately so you can collect the loot inside. We recommend just waiting, as spending any kind of real money to open mediocre loot boxes is silly.

Another way to obtain Gear Packs is by purchasing them from the store for crystals. Costing upwards of a couple thousand crystals (a little under $20), these packs contain a wealth of Pins. However, the price is quite high so you’ll need to determine if it’s worth spending the money on what will certainly be a lot of duplicates. Alternatively, you can also earn Gear Packs by joining a crew and doing well in Horde mode.

Gears Pop

Finally, you can earn a Gear Pack by going on a win streak in Versus mode. For each win, you’ll earn a star up to a maximum of five at any time. Every additional star past the first win will upgrade your Gear Pack’s rarity, allowing you to obtain better and more loot. But, if you lose your win streak will end and you’ll get the loot box associated with the number of stars. Once this happens you’ll have to wait a few hours before the win streak chest is available to grind for again. Here are the different Gear Packs you can earn by going on a win streak:

  • 1 Win – Bronze Gear Pack
  • 2 Wins – Silver Gear Pack
  • 3 Wins – Massive Silver Pack
  • 4 Wins – Colossal Silver Pack
  • 5 Wins – Massive Gold Pack

If for whatever reason your match ends in a draw, your win streak will not end. Remember, to unlock addition Gear Packs you’ll have to obtain new Arenas. These battlefields open up a new collection of pins, allowing you to get different items from your Gear Packs. You can unlock new Arenas by winning matches and obtaining Cogs. It takes a few hundred to unlock one, so this will take a bit of time.