Gears POP! Out Now For iOS & Android With Achievements

GearsPOP Xbox Live Achievements

Microsoft Get achievements with the new GearsPOP mobile game.

A new Gears of War title is out now and we’re not talking about Gears 5, but about Gears POP! instead.

What if we told you that despite this being a mobile title, you could still unlock achievements for your Xbox Live profile? Do we have your attention yet?

This mobile game was first announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference and it has finally rolled out to iOS and Android owners and while it’s not a full-fledged Gears experience that you might expect from its console counterpart, it’s still an excellent way to get ready for the upcoming new title.

With this being a Microsoft published title that has the option to link to your Xbox Live account, you have the option to unlock achievements which is great news to all the hunters out there.

How to Link GearsPOP to Xbox Live and Get Achievements

GearsPOP Android iOS Download

GearsPOP is out now for iOS and Android devices.

Luckily, it’s very easy to link your Xbox Live account to this new mobile title. All you’ll have to do is install the game, complete the tutorial and you’re all set.

Upon completion of the tutorial, you’ll be prompted with a way to log into your Xbox Live account where you’ll do that and then you’ll be able to unlock achievements. Your achievement for completing the tutorial will be retroactively added to your profile.

There are actually a lot of achievements to unlock in this game so if you’re expected an easy 1000 gamerscore or anything of that sort you’ll be out of luck.

However, it’s actually a pretty fun game that has some depth so there are certainly worse things you could spend your time on.

If you’re waiting on the release of Gears 5, perhaps consider spending some time with GearsPOP first to see if it’s something that suits you.

Gears 5 releases September 10 for Xbox One and PC.

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