5 Idle Roller Coaster Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Idle Roller Coaster

Green Panda Games

There’s another idle theme park game worth checking out!

And that title is Green Panda Games’ Idle Roller Coaster, a simple yet oh so addictive mobile game. Your goal revolves around the operation of a theme park that lives and thrives on the success of a single roller coaster. Managing the fans that come to ride your famous coaster and properly improving its overall operation is key to getting the massive payouts you deserve. These tips and tricks will help you develop the greatest theme park in every country to manage to upgrade to!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Roller Coaster:

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1. Watch a Video Ad Every Time it Becomes Available

Idle Roller Coaster is pretty generous with its delivery of video advertisements. Every time they pop up, tap on them immediately. The coins payout you get from sitting through a second’s long ad is massive. Doing this early on is especially useful since the upgrades you can put into your park start out relatively cheap.

• Properly leveling up the many facets of your roller coaster theme park go hand in hand with how frequently you watch video ads. So don’t pass up the chance to watch a video ad that doubles the number of coins you receive from park patrons and a separate ad that triples the amount of money you get from leveling up. The floating popcorn bucket video ad is also pretty helpful since it blesses you with a pretty substantial coins purse. And finally, be sure to watch the video ad the doubles the speed of your roller coaster ride or the experience points you attain.

2. Prioritize Your Upgrade Spending

Idle Roller Coaster

Green Panda Games

• So your coins go towards upgrading every facet of your park. The three upgrades that are front and center on your screen are “Ticket,” “Speed,” and “Cars.” You should spread out your coin purchases and prioritize the order in which you make these upgrades. Once you upgrade one, go towards spending money on upgrading the next one in the pecking order. The most important upgrade you should spend some coins on is the Cars section, which adds another cart to your coaster and helps get more people out of the line queue and put more coins into your pocket.

• After that, upgrade the ticket section to start increasing the prices for a ride on your coaster and bring in more money. And lastly, put some upgrade spending into the Speed portion of your park so you can fasten your coaster’s ride time so park-goers get on much quicker. Whenever you tap on the line queue itself, there are three more upgrades to invest in – “Customers Frequency, “Station Capacity,” and “Queue Capacity.” These upgrades are pretty self-explanatory, so here’s the upgrade priority that will benefit you the most in that regard – Station Capacity, Queue Capacity, and Customers Frequency.

3. Leveling Up Brings in the Biggest Bucks!

• Every time you reach a new player level, you’ll unlock new countries that reset your progress. Before you move onto another country, be sure to spend up all your money on upgrades in your current country since you can’t take it with you to that new location. Leveling up also unlocks “Ornaments,” which are Idle Roller Coaster’s version of boosters (we’ll speak on those later). And finally, reaching a new player level gives you a pretty hefty sum of coins. So make sure when that happens you always view the video ad that pops up in order to increase that coin payout even more!

4. Ornaments are Your Best Friend

Idle Roller Coaster

Green Panda Games

• Ornaments will quickly become a go-to element of the game for you. These items boost up different aspects of your roller coaster park, such as adding extra people to the line queue or increasing the price of a ticket to your park by 10-percent. Go upgrade your Ornaments from time to time once you’ve properly upgraded the other six elements of your roller coaster operation. Whenever you get a huge level up payout, put all of it towards upgrading your Ornaments!

5. Tap on the Screen to Speed Up Your Coaster

Idle Roller Coaster totally doesn’t tell you this, so allow us to give you this cool piece of info – simply tapping furiously on your screen helps your roller coaster go faster. Your ride moves at a snail’s pace during the beginning stages of your progress, so tapping the screen should aid you before you spend enough coins to help your coaster move at a faster pace on its own.

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