How to Find the Nexus Social Space in No Man’s Sky Beyond

No Mans Sky Nexus Space Anomaly

The next major update for No Man’s Sky has arrived and it’s bringing a ton of changes to the core experience. Along with fleshing out the multiplayer component of the game, the Beyond update introduced the Nexus social space. Part of the massive Space Anomaly, this floating station allows you to purchase items, speak to aliens, players, and even visit other user’s bases! Sadly, you’ll need to do a little work if you’re just starting out.

To visit the Nexus you’ll need to first encounter and visit the Space Anomaly. This base won’t appear right away and will take a few hours before you obtain a quest tied to it. You’ll typically need to visit some alien monoliths which will send you to the Atlas Interface. Once you visit the interface and select “consent” the Space Anomalies will begin to pop up in random solar systems. Check around every space station you visit, as that’s typically where these floating Death Stars appear.

After you visit the Space Anomaly for the first time you’ll have the ability to summon it when you’re floating in space. The station is massive, so you’ll want to be away from any planets, fleets, or asteroids. Once it’s summoned, fly inside and you will be pulled into the Nexus social space. From here you can freely explore the space station and visit other player’s bases.

Remember, this area will not be accessible until you are a few hours into the game. This hub is more for middle and endgame players, so don’t worry about rushing to get there. Focus on upgrading your ship and gear before bothering to visit the Nexus in No Man’s Sky.

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