5 Pokémon Masters Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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A brand new Pokémon mobile game has arrived. And thankfully, it’s an action-packed RPG!

Pokémon Masters transports you to the island of Pasio, which happens to be the hub area for a major tournament. This event, known as the “Pokémon Masters League,” allows for 3v3 Pokémon trainer battles full of excitement. As you explore the island, you’ll encounter new trainers who’re ready for battle and align yourself with them as you fight to become the very best. This extensive tips and tricks guide will aid you during your journey and make your three-trainer party the strongest of them all!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Pokémon Masters:

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1. The Proper Team Setup’s Take Advantage of Enemy Team Weaknesses

Pokemon Masters

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• Every Pokémon trainer knows that it’s always best to head into battle with a pocket monster type that has an advantage over its opponent. Pokémon Masters gives you access to a huge variety of trainers who utilize a single pocket monster (these duos are known as “Sync Pairs”). Before each battle, you’ll need to put together a three-person team that sticks to the elemental types next to the “Recommended Type” area. Word of advice here – don’t hop into a battle until you have all of the recommended elemental types needed to make that fight easier to handle.

• There are usually two elemental types on display, so be sure to have at least two Pokémon that stick to one elemental type and one Pokémon that falls under the other elemental type. For example, put together a team of two rock types and one grass type if those two elements are recommended before a battle. And as always, make sure all three of those Pokémon are at a high-level (use the “Unlock Level Cap” option to help those Pokémon reach even higher levels!) – might as well arm yourself with your strongest elemental types. If any of the Pokémon you choose for a current battle have access to attacks that attach negative status changes to an opponent, then your chances of victory are even higher!

2. Battle Strategies That Always Result in Victory

Pokemon Masters

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• Once a battle begins, take note of the elemental weakness icon above your three opponents. Then make sure to choose the Pokémon that’s capable of taking advantage of an enemy’s elemental weakness. Spamming that pocket monster’s main attack against the one it’s strong against should get rid of it pretty quickly.

• Whenever there’s more than one Pokémon with the same weakness to one of your pocket monster’s and it has access to an attack that damages multiple foes, take advantage of it. You’ll have no problem wiping out multiple monsters with this method. And whenever one of your pocket monsters’ “Sync Moves” is ready, aim it towards the creature that has the weaker elemental type against it. As for “Unity Attacks,” they’re extremely powerful so use them as soon as their active.

• Whenever you’re pitted against much stronger Pokémon with high defense stats, take the time to boost up your party with each pocket monster’s additional abilities. Doing so should raise your chances of eliminating them by strengthening your pocket monsters and boosting their offensive/defensive stats. And of course, you should keep an eye on each of your pocket monsters’ HP – you should have at least one party member that has a healing ability on hand when battles take a turn for the worse.

3. Complete Story and Training Area Battles for the First Time, Then Play Them Again to Farm Essential Items; EVOLE AND MEGA EVOLVE!

Pokemon Masters

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Pokémon Masters allows you to explore a massive region and take on all sorts of tasks. Completing them for the very first-time nets you special bonus rewards alongside battle completion and mission completion items. Whenever you’re looking to farm the materials needed to level up your trainers’ Pokémon, unlock new moves, and increase their star rating, replay previously completed battle tasks to rack up more even more of those essential goodies. This method especially comes in handy when you add a new trainer to your roster and want to boost their level up before you take them into unbeaten battle encounters. Every one of your trainers should be at or around the same level before you attempt to complete a brand new battle encounter.

• Each of the battles tied to the “Training Area” is really helpful when you’re looking to obtain even more party improvement items and XP. The difficulty for each battle increases as you complete previous ones, so make sure your party is properly leveled before you take them on. And you should also obtain the proper elemental types that work best against the Pokémon included within these special Training Area battles. Farming these battles is also a worthwhile move to make, especially the timed “Supercourse” battles that give you a certain number of chances to complete them.

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• Leveling up certain Sync Pairs to level 30 leads to a second stage evolution. And further leveling that evolved Pokémon duo to level 45 leads to a third and final evolution. Before you can activate these evolutions, you’ll need to purchase five “Evolution Shards” for the level 30 requirement and “Evolution Stones” for the level 45 requirement. Then you’ll need to complete a “Sync Pair Stories” battle tied to the task of evolving a Sync Pair to its second- and third-stage evolutions. These evolutions result in certain Pokémon getting even stronger and gaining access to a new Sync Move that leads to a “Mega Evolution.” The list below will give you a breakdown of which Sync Pairs can evolve and which Pokémon are capable of a Mega Evolution while performing a Sync Move:

– Sync Pairs That Can Evolve
1. Barry & Piplup: evolves into Prinplup, then Empoleon
2. Kris & Totodile: evolves into Croconaw, then Feraligatr
3. Lyra & Chikorita: evolves into Bayleef, then Meganium
4. Pryce & Seel: evolves into Dewgong
5. Rosa & Snivy: evolves into Servine, then Serperior
6. Viola & Surskit: evolves into Masquerain
7. Hilda & Tepig: evolves into Pignite, then Emboar

– Pokemon That Can Mega Evolve During a Sync Move
1. Agatha & Mega Gengar
2. Blue & Mega Pidgeot
3. Bugsy & Mega Beedrill
4. Karen & Mega Houndoom
5. Korrina & Mega Lucario
6. Noland & Mega Pinsir

4. Stick to These Methods to Take Advantage of Your Time Spent in the “Shop” and “Team” Menus

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• Both of the aforementioned main menu tabs allow you to make worthwhile purchases and improve your roster of master Pokémon trainers. Whenever you head into to the “Sync Pair Scout” portion of the shop, make sure you have enough gems to perform the “Sync Pair Scout x10” option. You’re much better off obtaining 10 trainers and their Pokémon at once instead of wasting your gems on purchasing a single one. Purchasing 10 trainers in one turn helps you unlock new ones and improve the ones you already have through multiples of the same trainer. Gems come your way for completing story scenes and battles, plus you get them for completing “Missions” (more on those later).

• As for the “Exchange Items” tab within the shop, the first item type you should save your coins up for is the “Move Guage Slot” increase. The coin price for this item is pretty steep, so be sure to complete fieldwork tasks within the main story to earn some more. Keep an eye out for hidden items during these tasks and you may even be gifted with thousands of coins! Coins are also given out for simply completing battles, by the way. Once you fully increase your Move Gauge Slot, exchange any items you want for new goodies within the “Event” and “General” tabs.

• Within the Team menu, you’ll be able to level up your Pokémon and add new moves & skills to their repertoire. Whenever you earn each type of “Level-Up Material,” use them to level up your lower-level trainers’ pocket monster. So if you have a bunch of one-star rated Level-Up Materials, use them to level up one of your weakest trainers. Then use all your two-star rated Level-Up Materials to improve the second weakest member of your crew. And if you’re lucky enough to have a three-star rated Level-Up Material in tow, use it to level up your third weakest trainer. As for the “Moves & Skills” tab, focus on unlocking new abilities and passive skills for the Pokémon you use often.

5. Make Sure You Claim Your Mission Completion Rewards

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Pokémon Masters has an extensive set of Missions to complete that fall under the “Event,” “General, and “Daily” moniker. Make your way through a lot of these missions in order to get your hands on even more gems, Level-Up Materials, Training Machines, etc. Every time you log-in, make sure you don’t log out until you complete every one of your daily missions. Completing all of them nets you an extra set of gems, so these missions are always worth completing every day.

• Come back to the Missions tab after you’ve completed a bunch of battles and there should be a bunch of mission completion rewards waiting for at your home base. And make sure you log in every day even if you’re not planning on playing at all – grab your daily login rewards so you can take advantage of them once you’re finally prepared to play for a good while!

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