Pokemon Sword & Shield Trailer Shows New Pokemon Forms

Pokemon Sword Shield Galar Forms

A new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield has just released and it shows off some new Pokemon. In this brief video, we get a glimpse at a few familiar Pokemon that have been altered due to them living in the Galar region. Additionally, fans get introduced to new rivals and one of the organizations they will come across.

Different Pokemon forms are nothing new to the series, as various regions impact how these critters evolve. Some of the most famous include the Alolan Exeggutor and Riachu, both of which has drastic alterations made to their appearances and type. In the Galar region, players will come across the Galar region version of Weezing, who wears a lovely top hat that doubles as a smokestack. His typing has changed to Poison and Fairy, which should open up some new possibilities for combat.

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Zigzagoon and Linoone will be Normal/Dark types in the Galar region, along with possessing a third evolutionary step, Obstagoon. This new Pokemon is Dark/Normal and evolves from Linoone, however, we do not know at what level. Another new Pokemon coming to Sword & Shield is Morpeko. This Pokemon can actually change its type from Electric to Dark by using the Aura Wheel move.

Finally, we also got a look at some new characters including Bede, Marnie, and Team Yell. The latter is described as “Marnie’s wild fans,” and look like they are about to go see a football game. They look hilarious and the player will most likely have to battle them to face Marnie if they are following her around.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is set to release on December 15 for Nintendo Switch.

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