Soulcalibur VI: Cassandra Reveal Trailer, Season 2 & Haohmaru Announcements

Evo 2019 certainly didn’t disappoint in the brand new reveals department.

While the Grand Finals set for Soulcalibur VI wrapped up with no announcement afterward, fans were surprised to receive fresh news on the final day of Evo 2019 itself. The last piece of DLC for the game’s first season was announced as a fan-favorite character – Cassandra, Sophitia’s sister who first entered the series in Soulcalibur II.

In a cool bit of news, it was revealed that she’ll be available for download the day after Evo 2019 on Monday, August 5. “Warring Maiden” Cassandra retains her original Owl Shield & Omega Sword weaponry and her Improvised Atheninian fighting style. Her DLC package will include the character itself, a new playable story chapter within the “Soul Chronicle” mode, and new character creation parts. Cassandra’s roster inclusion wasn’t the only major reveal shown off for Soulcalibur VI, however.

Everyone can now look forward to an entirely new season of balance updates and added mechanics for Bandai Namco’s weapons fighter. One of those new mechanics looks to be a new sort of parry system that opens up plenty more combo possibilities. The biggest bit of Season 2 information that sent the Evo 2019 crowd into a frenzy was the announcement of four new DLC characters. Three of those fighters are presumed to be returning Soulcalibur characters, while the guest character is none other than Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru. Each of Season 2’s incoming characters will bring with them new character creation tools.

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