Apex Legends’ New Season 3 World Map Announced

Apex Legends Season 3 Map

Apex Legends‘ third season is right around the corner and to celebrate it’s getting a new map! Dubbed “World’s Edge,” this map takes place on the planet Solace where chemically induced ice and molten fire meet. While official landmarks for the map haven’t been revealed, we did get a glimpse at various locations in the new animated trailer, along with a new element that may replace the dropships.

In the trailer, we get to see a large snowy environment that includes a massive tower surrounded in ice. Another is a location surrounded by lava and construction equipment, which could mean the introduction of new environmental hazards. We also get a glimpse at some interiors like a greenhouse and more rooms to lock people in with Caustic’s traps!

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Of course, the big set pieces appear to be the large train that at least runs on the snow side of the map. During the trailer, several people are seen fighting on this train which houses loot caches. It’s unclear if this train is simply another element of the level or if it spans the entirity of the map. This will certainly be a popular drop zone when World’s Edge launches since fighting on a moving train sounds extremely entertaining.

World’s Edge goes live with Season 3 Meltdown and the new legend Crypto on October 1.

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