Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown & Crypto Revealed

Apex Legends Season 3 Crypto

The upcoming third season for Apex Legends along with the highly anticipated new legend, Crypto have been unveiled. Previewed earlier today on publisher EA’s website, the new season has been dubbed “Meltdown.” Scheduled to launch on October 1, this season will introduce a new battle pass, weapon, and character. Additionally, Ranked Series 2 will begin when the third season launches.

Along with this announcement, developer Respawn Entertainment has released an animated short showcasing the origins of Crypto. In it, we learn that Crypto discovers a program that allows the user to rig the outcome of the Apex Legends tournament. Following this discovery, Crypto’s sister ends up using the program only to go missing. This causes Crypto to become a wanted criminal, forcing him to alter his appearance and enter the games.

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During the video, we get a brief look at a surveillance drone hovering around him, which may act as his passive skill. We also get a glimpse at a grenade that disrupts security robots chasing him. It’s possible this is his ultimate and could act as a counter tool for other equipment-based legends.

Respawn Entertainment will be unveiling more about Crypto and Season 3: Meltdown as we draw closer to the October 1 launch.

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