Every Athenas Typhon Log Location in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Athenas Typhon Log Locations

There are a lot of ways to get loot in Borderlands 3, but one of the easiest is by discovering all the Typhon Logs. Recordings made by the very first Vault Hunter, these logs are found on every planet and major location. Uncovering all three will unlock a special chest that’s typically filled with rare loot. This makes it a great way to obtain some rather powerful weapons early on, especially if you are struggling with a specific chapter.

Here is the location of every Typhon Log on Athenas:

Typhon Log 1

You can find the first Typhon Log in the courtyard outside where you’re introduced to Maya. Once all the enemies are cleared out, go the left and climb on top of the roof of a two-story building. Go to the edge of the roof facing the cliff and look to your left. You’ll see the first log station one floor above you on the roof of another building. Just sprint jump across to retrieve this log. Remember to hold down the jump button so you mantle the edge and don’t plummet to the ground!

Typhon Log 2

The second Typhon Log is located in the graveyard that Maya’s apprentice takes you through. At the very back of the graveyard there is a large church that overlooks the entire area. You can find the log station on a metal box against the left wall of the church. It’s pretty hard to miss, even if you aren’t looking for them so there’s a chance you already have this one.

Typhon Log 3

Athenas’ last Typhon Log is in the chamber where you and Maya uncovering a piece of the Vault Key. In the water, you’ll see the station sticking out on the left. It’s pretty hard to see since part of it is submerged. Approach this station to unlock the Typhon Stash in the middle of the map.

Typhon’s chest is located in a locked area just after you cross the long, narrow bridge. When you make it to the other side, go into the large courtyard filled with enemies. To the left, you’ll see a crate that you can climb on top of. Use this to hop the locked gate and reach the hidden stash of goodies.

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