How to Get the Batman & Catwoman Skins in Fortnite

Fortnite Batman Catwoman skins

Dust off your capes and cowls, Batman has officially arrived in Fortnite. Another entry in this battle royale’s long list of crossovers, the arrival of DC’s greatest detective was teased prior to its morning launch. Tying in with the six free Batman games currently available on the Epic Store, players can assume the role of Batman or the master thief Catwoman via skins.

Currently, only Catwoman is available in the Item Shop, but since the items rotate in less than 12 hours we suggest you purchase the skin now if you want it. Catwoman is priced at 1,500 V-Bucks, which is roughly $15. However, if you don’t have any V-Bucks you will need to purchase the $25 dollar V-Buck pack to obtain enough for the Catwoman.

As for Batman, you can find his skin pack in the store. Costing a whopping $19.99, players who purchase the Batman Caped Crusader Pack will unlock the Batman Comic Book skin, Batman Comic Book Back Bling, The Dark Knight movie skin, The Dark Knight movie back bling, Batman pickaxe, and Batwing glider. All of this cannot be purchased separately, so if you want to be Batman this is the only way.

Additionally, players can pick up the Bat-Signal and Catwoman Whip Crack emotes, along with the Cat’s Claw pickaxes and Batwing glider from the store. You cannot earn these skins in-game, as there are different rewards tied to the Gotham City event. If you want to run around as Batman you’ll need to spend a bit of money.

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