Dead by Daylight Switch: Release Date, Price, DLC & More

Dead by Daylight Nintendo Switch release date


The 3-year old asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead by Daylight is finally making its way handheld and we’re not talking about a port to iOS and Android, although that is coming.

An official port of Dead by Daylight is headed to the Nintendo Switch so all of your surviving and killing will now be portable.

However, there’s no cross-play so you’ll have to start over from scratch, but if you’re a huge fan of the game that won’t be a problem.

Dead by Daylight Switch Release Date

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Patch Notes

BHVRDead by Daylight is coming to the Switch

For those who are hoping to get their hands on the Switch version of Dead by Daylight will be available to the public beginning on September 24, so the wait is over.

It has been a long wait but fans will no doubt be excited for a new way to play DBD, but one thing that might have a chance of souring the experience is the price.

If you’re looking through the Nintendo eShop, you’ll notice Dead by Daylight costs $40, which easily makes it the most expensive version of the game.

Many fans will quickly chalk this up to the dreaded “Nintendo tax” but there’s actually more than what meets the eye here.

Dead by Daylight Switch DLC

A lot of DLC is included with the Switch version.

The price is much more than the other platforms, but that’s because it includes extra DLC.

On PC, the base game is just $20 and you’ll just get base game stuff. On Xbox One and PS4 you’ll get the Special Edition which comes with the Doctor, Huntress, and Hag DLCs all for free.

For the Switch, you get all that plus the Clown and Spirit chapters included, according to the Amazon listing, so that’s how the price is justified.

It’s a major price hike but at least you’re able to get your hands on one of the most powerful killers in the game as a result of it.

One thing we still wish existed was some way of cross-play existed so we didn’t have to completely start over from scratch. Oh well, at least Dead by Daylight is available on the Switch.

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