Where to Find the Destiny 2 Quest in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Destiny quest

Borderlands 3 is officially released and unsurprisingly the game is stuffed to the brim with references to other movies, shows, and video games. One title that gets a special quest tied to it is Destiny 2, which is another very popular “looter shooter.” However, it’s easy to miss this quest if you don’t know what to look for when you’re playing. Here’s where to find the quest and what you get from it.

To grab this quest you will need to progress until you are tasked with taking down the large laser cannon pointed at Atlas HQ. This is a fairly long and difficult mission, so we do recommend bringing a friend if you’re not properly leveled. Once this quest is completed head back to Sanctuary and turn in the finished quest in.

Doing so will cause a side quest symbol (yellow exclamation mark) to appear on your map in Sanctuary. The bounty will appear directly across from the SHiFT Code chest, however, you will already need to be holding the “Kill Wick and Warty” bounty for it to appear. When you approach the bounty it should say “Kill Dinklebot,” which is the Destiny 2-focused quest.

This mission will send you back to the moon where you need to kill this roaming, angry robot sphere. We won’t spoil what it drops, but it’s definitely worth your effort. For the unfamiliar, “Dinklebot” is a nickname bestowed by the Destiny 2 community to Peter Dinklage’s character. In the game, he voiced the player’s Ghost, which is a robotic companion that helps you throughout your journey.

Later replaced by Nolan North, Dinklebot is a reference that only long-time Destiny 2 players will understand. Additionally, the item you get is also a reference to how you obtain loot in the game, along with what you need to go through to actually obtain it. Since it’s possible to miss this quest, we strongly recommend grabbing it right after you finish this campaign mission, especially if you’re a Destiny fan!

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