How to Get the Flash Freeze Upgrade in Gears 5 (The Hollow Storm)

Gears 5 Flash Freeze Hollow Storm

One new addition to Gears 5 is open-world side quests that you can either ignore or complete. Unlocked during Act 2, you’ll be free to explore the frozen wasteland on your skiff. Since every side quest rewards a powerful upgrade you’ll want to finish The Hollow Storm quest to obtain the Flash Freeze upgrade. However, finding the different locations can be tricky since they are spread out all over the map.

Here’s how to complete The Hollow Storm quest and earn the Flash Freeze upgrade.

1. Old Derrick Site 1

The first component can be found at the Old Derrick site on the north side of the map. Located on a large ice island, drive your skiff up to the big flags by the entrance. Now make your way up the hill, over the crashed ship, and onto the large derrick. To your right will be a vent you can open on the wall, but when Kait goes to rip the panel off you’ll be attacked.

Kill the first wave of Swarm Grunts and Grenadiers before deploying a Shock Trap by the ladder. Two Pouncers will appear, so focus your fire and make sure to drop any Pouncer that hops on the Derrick by your Shock Trap. Once everything is killed, rip off the panel to collect your first piece and start the Hollow Storm quest.

2. Old Derrick Site 2

Gears 5 Hollow Storm Quest

Now head to the second Derrick Site on the west side of the map along the mountainside. When you arrive, a snowstorm will blow in and hide your arrival from the various Swarm soldiers and snipers. Quickly move to the downed log before dragging the Swarm soldier over it for an instant kill. Your goal here is to stealth kill as many Swarm soldiers as possible before openly engaging.

There’s a Warden near the back and battling him while dodging sniper rifle rounds is very tricky. You should be able to stealth kill both of the snipers on the right and at least one on the left before engaging the Warden. Once you actually kill every enemy, go to the back left corner and rip the panel off to find the second piece.

3.  Train Tunnel

Gears 5 Hollow Storm Quest

Your final step in the Hollow Storm quest is to head back to the other side of the map, through the large gate you opened. To the northwest, you’ll find the Train Tunnel location that’s marked by a big flag. After you enter, go to the back of the tunnel to discover a Carrier hiding in the shadows. Since you don’t have a ton of room to move in the tunnel, you’ll want to shoot the icicles above the Carrier. If you drop them on this monster it will stun him, allowing you to deal some extra damage.

After the Carrier is killed, go to the back once again and kick open the door to the train. Inside you’ll find some notes that explain how to put the Flash Freeze skill together. If you’ve gotten the prior parts you’ll instantly obtain this upgrade!

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