5 Granny Legend Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Granny Legend

Fastone Games

Floating heads are just as lethal as the warriors who have all their limbs in tow.

Granny Legend actually allows you to approach stages full of thirsty foes with either character type. One playstyle lets you control a floating head that’s surrounded by dangerous projectiles, while the other playstyle lets you head into battle with a full-bodied warrior. There’s a lot that goes into taking down the huge array of enemies thrown your way and thankfully, we’re here to help. Allow us to push you towards victory in both of Granny Legend’s modes with this essential tips guide.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Granny Legend:

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1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Various Assists and Dangers Around the Battlefield

• The Normal Mode within Granny Legend is pretty easy to comprehend – you’re put in control of a floating head that uses a constantly spinning sphere of projectiles to kill nearby enemies. You’ll always want to stay a good distance away from the many moving dangers looking to eliminate you while still getting close enough to damage them. You should play it extremely safe every time you encounter a new enemy – watch their attack pattern, then go in for the kill once you’ve seen what they can do. Don’t get caught by surprise by those birds that fly right in for the kill, for example!

• Always keep an eye out for baddies that have a gold icon connected to them – killing this enemy type helps you attain a power-up of some kind that does big damage or gives you a much-needed defense boost. And whenever you spot projectiles left on the ground, pick them up immediately to add more weapons to your spinning arsenal. Whenever you’re given the option of using a partner, you should only rely on them during a boss encounter instead of wasting their limited usage on regular stages.

2. Hero Mode is Essentially Granny Legend’s Version of Archero

• Besides the game’s Normal Mode is another mode called “Hero Mode.” Hopping into this game type will give you heavy Archero vibes. To be quite honest with you all, the same advice we gave to you for that game can be applied to the gameplay mechanics featured in Granny Legend’s Hero Mode. If you’re looking for a pretty thorough list of essential tips that can take you far in Hero Mode, feel free to check out the following Archero tips guide posted right here.

3. Once You Unlock a New Hero, Spend Some Time Upgrading Them and Getting Used to Their Abilities

• As you unlock chests that are earned as stage rewards and open the ones sold in the shop, you may get lucky and earn an entirely new character. It’s also possible to earn new characters via bypassing certain stages. Once you unlock a new character, the level of their secondary attack is always much higher than the level of the character unlocked before them. It’s always worth putting your coin purse towards upgrading your newly unlocked character as soon as they’re available. Entering the next stage with an overpowered floating head that you just earned works like a charm.

4. You Should Only Spend Your Gems on Fortune Chests

• Gems are pretty much the premium currency of the game and are given out in small doses. Heading into the shop allows you to earn 15 of them at a time just for watching three videos advertisements in succession. You’ll get the chance to perform this action once again after the limited use timer for it wraps up. Gems are also given out as rewards from chests that have been collected during stages and through the spinning prize wheel that pops up periodically.

• Since gems are pretty hard to come by, you should be stingy with your gem spending habits. Don’t use them on a stage retry, waste them on bringing a partner with you into battle or put them towards increasing your coins payout after completing a stage. Handle those actions just by watching video ad’s and use your gems to purchase “Fortune Chests” instead. When you don’t have any keys that can be used to unlock this chest type, throw some gems at them so you can possibly walk away with character duplicates that allow you to further upgrade a previously unlocked character. As for the other chest type, always rely on keys to earn the prizes contained in them.

5. Collect Your Coin Payout Once You’re Ready to Log Off and Come Back to Even More Coins Once You Return

• So while you’re keeping busy with playing through both of Granny Legend’s modes, a “Collect” tab on the right side of the main menu gathers coins for you. Don’t collect your coins payout until you’re ready to log out of the game. Collect your coins, log off for a full day, then come back to another massive amount of free coins. You’re going to need thousands of coins to further upgrade your unlocked characters and be strong enough to take on the growing horde and tough bosses seen in later stages.

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