How to Get the Holo Man Mirage & Night Watch Kraber Skin

Apex Legends Holo Man Night Watch skins

Two new skins for Apex Legends are now available if you are a member of Twitch Prime. Announced earlier today, players who are a member of this premium Twitch service can unlock the Holo Man skin for Mirage and the Night Watch skin for the powerful Kraber sniper rifle. These will not be obtainable any other way, so if you want to add these to your collection be prepared to sign up for Twitch Prime.

For the unfamiliar, Twitch Prime is a monthly paid service that allows players to obtain free games or in-game loot, exclusive emotes, badges, a free Twitch channel subscription, and Amazon Prime. If you are a member of the latter than you’ll automatically have Twitch Prime after you link your accounts.

To obtain the Holo Man and Night Watch skin, go to Twitch Prime’s website to claim these rewards. Once claimed, they will be added to the account tied to your Twitch Prime and you’ll be free to use them. Remember, most of the Twitch Prime outfits are limited time offers, so if you do want these we suggest that you don’t wait.

As for the skins, we aren’t too impressed with the Holo Man skin. Given how awesome some of the other outfits for Mirage are, this skin is fairly underwhelming. The Kraber skin is much better, as the futuristic neon lighting looks terrific on the gun.

You will have until October 9 to unlock these Apex Legends’ Twitch Prime skins.

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