5 Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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So the year is 2068 – anyone who’s addicted to the thrill of racing has a new sport to get accustomed to.

That new racing experience is being referred to as “The Infinite Loop,” which places speed freaks in explosive races full of stunts, crashes, loops and plenty of jaw-dropping tricks. All of this can be explored in the latest mobile racing game addiction, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. You’ll be entrusted with collecting tons of recognizable Hot Wheels rides and attempt to take the #1 spot during a series of wild races. Thanks to the developers behind this awesome mobile racer, we have a list of tips that will ensure your victory and place you at the top of the leaderboards!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Hot Wheels Infinite Loop:

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1. Right Challenge, Right Track, Right Car

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Mattel, Inc.

• “Challenges” allow you to earn daily rewards like “Vehicle Parts” and “Chromers,” which means it’s one of the fastest ways to upgrade your cars. However, in order to play, you need to pick the right car for each challenge, as choosing the wrong car can add seconds to your time in a race that can only last a minute. Take into account the track’s dominant surface and class of your cars. For example, if most of the track is asphalt, it’s better to use a race or muscle car, because sport cars can’t effectively drive on asphalt surfaces, and trucks are too slow. Here are our suggestions on which car classes you should use and where you should use them:

1. Sport – Orange track and asphalt only; if you’re on asphalt and don’t have muscle or race cars of the same tier and level.

2. Race – Asphalt and orange track, but avoid off-road surfaces.

3. Muscle – Asphalt with some off-road surfaces (construction sites, dirt, water, etc.), as its acceleration will help you power through.

4. Truck – Off-road surfaces.

5. Experimental – Each car in this class has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to experiment. During a race, you can check your speedometer (the top left corner of the screen). If the numbers are white, the surface is good for your car. If it’s yellow or orange, then this car isn’t the best for this particular type of track.

2. Nitro Your Way to Victory

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Mattel, Inc.

• The proper usage of nitro can help you significantly improve your race time and survivability. To activate nitro, you need to have at least one full nitro bar (on the top center of the screen). While the nitro bar burns and turns blue, tap the button once more to activate an even more powerful speed boost. The earlier you start burning the blue segment, the better speed boost you receive. When nitro is active, your car is immune to rear attacks. During Challenges, if you can reach an opponent’s car at the start with nitro, always try to take it out.

• There are four different types of nitro:

1. Regular Nitro can be activated by a single nitro button tap. We recommend using it only if you want to save your next nitro shot or avoid a rear attack.

2. Nitro Flash can be activated by tapping the nitro button a second time while the nitro bar segment is light blue. When the blue segment is burned, the next nitro shot(s) starts to burn automatically, if available. Nitro Flash is the most common nitro which you’ll use in the game, so it is very important to train yourself to tap the nitro button at the start of the blue segment because it gives you extra power. Try to constantly support your nitro flash chain by destroying bots, opponents and collecting nitro shots. In most race maps, you can support your nitro flash chain nearly the entire time.

3. Double Nitro can be activated by a second tap to the nitro button after the nitro bar burns passed the light blue segment. Double nitro isn’t as powerful as Nitro Flash, but it lasts longer and can be activated immediately (if you have two or more nitro shots). Use Double or Triple Nitro right before the finish line.

4. Triple Nitro is the most powerful nitro in the game, but it consumes all three nitro shots. It can be activated the same way as Double Nitro, but when Double Nitro is already activated.

3. Drifting to the Finish Line

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Mattel, Inc.

• Drifting is very important to clear tight bends and get extra speed boosts. We recommend always using drift when you see high angle turns with no opponents on your tail. It’s better to activate drift near the center of the road and a bit before a turn than at the beginning of the turn which will decrease the chances of colliding with road barriers.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Mattel, Inc.

• There are three phases of drift – red, yellow and blue (depicted by the flame color under your car tires). The later the drift phase, the more speed boost you receive when the drift button is released. Be careful – the blue drift phase is very short, and if you miss it, your car will lose control and speed. Try to avoid drifting if there is an opponent on your tail as this gives them an opportunity to take you out. In “Leagues,” don’t ram into your teammates’ cars while drifting as this gives an advantage to your opponents.

4. Watch Your Back During Leagues

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Mattel, Inc.

• It’s very important to check where your opponents are on the mini-map during Leagues because it’s the only way to avoid getting taken out. To decrease the chance of a successful opponent attack, try the following maneuvers when an enemy dot is near you on the mini-map – activate nitro and steer to either side of the track, stop drifting and steer to the opposite side of the track and if you have two or three shots of nitro, you can try shaking off your opponent by using a nitro flash chain.

5. Become an “MVP” and Reap the Rewards

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Mattel, Inc.

• Every “Looper” wants to lead the race for good reason. If you finish the race in the top position, (based on the resulting score or position, depending on the competition type), you’ll be crowned as an MVP, even if you’re on the losing team. MVPs win special boxes that contain double the “Hot Gold,” double the Vehicle Parts and a chance to win “Tickets” for ongoing challenges. This will allow you to upgrade your cars much quicker.

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