How Long & How Many Chapters Are in Gears 5

Gears 5 How Long

Gears 5 is finally here and it’s continuing the story of Kait Diaz. Picking up some time after the events of the fourth installment, Gears 5 revolves around Kait’s search for meaning behind her family. Along with this new campaign, Gears 5 is bringing back its competitive multiplayer, PvE co-op Horde mode, a level editor, and a brand new game experience called Escape. But for those less interested in playing with others, here is how long Gears 5 is and how many chapters the campaign has.

In total there are 15 chapters in Gears 5 spread across four different acts. There are also two semi-open world segments that see Kait, Del, and Jack explore large locations via a skiff. These areas boast several side quests which can be pretty long if you want to obtain all the collectibles. On Intermediate difficulty, it took me around 13-15 hours to complete all the chapters and secondary missions.

Keep in mind this time doesn’t include obtaining every collectible or upgrade part available in Gears 5. Additionally, all of the additional multiplayer content easily adds dozens, even hundreds of hours. Of course, if you’re just buying Gears 5 for the story we do recommend waiting. Even though the multiplayer content is fun, the short campaign isn’t worth the full price tag. However, it’s important to remember that Gears 5 is on Xbox Game Pass, so it will be free to play for pass owners.

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