How to Beat Beotodus in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

how to beat beotodus


Beotodus is one of the easiest monsters to beat in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but it isn’t a pushover. It can still make short work of the unprepared player. But with our guide, you’ll take it down in no time.

Before the Fight: Best Armor & Equipment

Since there’s so many different weapons and armor in Monster Hunter World, even excluding all the new stuff they added in Iceborne, I’m not going to give you recommendations for the one best build because there is no one. However, I will give you some recommendations on what Armor Skills, resistances and other things to take into consideration when crafting your own build.

Beotodus is weakest to the fire element, so be sure to bring a weapon with that element into battle. It’s also the most susceptible to poison out of all the other status effects, so that’s an option as well. It just so happens that you can craft a Dual Blade in Iceborne that has both fire and poison (similar to the Fire and Ice Dual Blades) from the Dual Blades made from the parts of the Kulu-Ya-Ku. That would be your best bet, if you’re into Dual Blades.

Beotodus can inflict Iceblight, which makes your actions consume more stamina. This can be countered by fully leveling up the Blight Resistance skill or using the Nulberry, Cleanser Booster or Iceproof Mantle. According to the Monster Hunter World wiki, you can also prevent Iceblight by having over 20 resistance to the ice element with a combination of armor pieces and the Ice Resistance armor skill. You can get a level four Ice Resistance decoration that gives you two levels of the Ice Resistance skill by completing a Master Rank optional quest from the Elder Melder that has you hunt a Great Jagras.

Anything that lowers stamina cost is a must to counter the effects of Iceblight, especially if you’re using a weapon that eats a lot of stamina like the Hammer and Lance. Constitution lowers the cost of fixed stamina depletion (evasion, etc.) while Marathon Runner lowers the cost of continuous stamina draining (sprinting, charging attacks, etc.). A fully leveled-up Weakness Exploit should be standard on all builds you make, as is Critical Element if using a weapon with elemental damage and Handicraft if your weapon doesn’t already have a maxed out sharpness level.

How to Beat Beotodus

Similar to Jyuratodus and Lavasioth, Beotodus can cover bits of its body with icy armor. This will need to be cracked off to do more damage to it. Beotodus can also dive under the ground like its Piscine Wyvern brethren and pop out to attack, so be prepared to counterattack.

It’s best to aim for the sides when attacking Beotodus. Not only are its legs breakable, but it also deals most of its attacks from the front.

Beotodus will occasionally do a tail swipe that kicks up a lot of snow. This attack is deceptively wide so it’s better to guard if you can do that with your weapon or dodge into the icy blast instead of away.

If Beotodus runs into Banbaro, the two will engage in a Turf War. This will knock off a huge chunk of damage from Beotodus, so don’t scare off Banbaro with Dung Pods until after the Turf War ends.

Make sure that you bring plenty of Hot Drinks and cooked meats. Both will prevent your stamina from getting too low. During the course of my first fight with Beotodus, my stamina got so low that it would be completely drained with one dodge roll. You do not want that to happen.

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