Every Meridian Outskirts Typhon Log Location in Borderlands 3

There are a lot of extra missions and challenges stuffed into Borderlands 3. While many of these will have you completing tasks for weird and wacky people, some require you to hunt down objects across the galaxy. Enter Typhon Logs, recordings made by the first Vault Hunter that will reward players with free loot and a lot of experience. Since almost every location boasts three Typhon Logs, this can be a great way to obtain some potent gear before a big fight.

Here are all the Typhon Log locations for the Meridian Outskirts:

Typhon Log 1

The first Typhon Log is located directly across from the Meridian Outskirts fast travel location. When you land, make your way towards the large tower with the fire barrel next to it. Inside the tower, you’ll find the log station on the raised mound of dirt. This one is really easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it, so make sure to grab it when you arrive at this location.

Typhon Log 2

You can find the second Typhon Log right on the raised slums right by the first recording. Take the elevator up and kill the bandits that are waiting for you. Once they are dispatched, go up the stairs and take a right. The log station is on a balcony with a metal roof, so you’ll need to slowly inch yourself off the metal overhang. Just be careful not to fall off or you’ll need to take the elevator all the way back up.

Typhon Log 3

Finally, you can locate the last Tyhon Log on the other side of the outskirts. Head north towards the sewer entrance that’s near the Meridian Metroplex transition area. When you approach the entrance, you’ll see the log station on the right. It’s quite difficult to miss, so you might already have discovered this.

Once you have all three, go to the marker that Tanis puts on your map. When you take the elevator up, you’ll probably notice the icon displays the stash above you. Once you the ride the elevator up, turn around and hit the green button to send it back down. Quickly run out of the elevator, letting it reach the bottom floor without you. Now use the button on your right to bring it back up, but this time hop on the roof. The elevator will then safely life you up to the hidden dead drop.

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