Players Reporting Online Connection Issues For Gears 5

Gears 5 Online Not Working

Gears 5 is now live on Xbox Game Pass and to no one’s surprise players are having issues connecting to matches online. Following the early release last night, developer The Coalition took to Twitter to explain that they are looking into the matter. Over the course of several hours, The Coalition posted multiple updates as they attempted to roll out updates to fix the problem.

Update 1:

The Coalition has posted on Twitter that they are aware that some people are having issues connecting and will be looking into it. If you’re having issues connecting it will probably still take a bit of time, but we expect the issue to be resolved soon.

Original Story

Currently, users are reporting issues connecting to matches or being dropped entirely once a lobby is formed. This has made online play nearly impossible and the last update from The Coalition was five hours. We suspect the servers are simply overloaded, so you might have to wait a few hours before you can play online.

Instead, we recommend playing the absolutely superb single-player why you wait to play online. However, others are reporting that they can get into matches so if you’re really desperate to play online keep trying. We managed to get into a single Horde match after several attempts so it is possible.

Other users are reporting not being able to obtain their Halo: Reach DLC characters. If you’re having this issue, The Coalition recommends a hard reset of your device. This should add the characters into Gears 5 and allow you to use them.

We will update this post if any new information is released about the connectivity issues.

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