Pokemon GO Unova Pokemon List: Everyone So Far

pokemon go unova pokemon


Pokemon originating from the Unova region, the setting of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, are going live in Pokemon GO today.

The new Pokemon are being released with week three of the Ultra Bonus event on September 16 at 1 p.m. PDT, according to Niantic.

Here’s a list of all the Unova Pokemon we know so far will be released today as well as where to find them, according to a PR representative for Niantic who contacted Heavy via email:

Snivy – Wild, 5 km Egg
Servine – Evolve Snivy
Serperior – Evolve Servine
Tepig – Wild, 5 km Egg
Pignite – Evolve Tepig
Emboar – Evolve Pignite
Oshawott – Wild, 5 km Egg
Dewott – Evolve Oshawott
Samurott – Evolve Dewott
Patrat – Wild, 2 km Egg, Raid Boss
Watchog – Evolve Patrat
Lillipup – Wild, 2 km Egg, Raid Boss
Herdier – Evolve Lillipup
Stoutland – Evolve Herdier
Purrloin – Wild, 2 km Egg
Liepard – Evolve Purrloin
Pidove – Wild, 2 km Egg
Tranquill – Evolve Pidove
Unfezant – Evolve Tranquill
Blitzle – Wild, 5 km Egg
Zebstrika – Evolve Blitzle
Drilbur – 5 km Egg
Excadrill – Evolve Drilbur
Foongus – 5 km Egg
Amoonguss – Evolve Foongus
Ferroseed – 10 km Egg
Ferrothorn – Evolve Ferroseed
Klink – 10 km Egg, Raid Boss
Klang – Evolve Klink
Klinklang – Evolve Klang
Litwick – 10 km Egg
Lampent – Evolve Litwick
Chandelure – Evolve Lampert with Unova Stone
Golett – 10 km Egg
Golurk – Evolve Golett
Deino – 10 km Egg
Zweilous – Evolve Deino
Hydreigon – Evolve Zweilous
Pansage – Wild (Asia-Pacific)
Simisage – Evolve Pansage
Pansear – Wild (Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India)
Simisear – Evolve Pansear
Panpour – Wild (The Americas and Greenland)
Simipour – Evolve Panpour
Heatmor – Wild (The Western hemisphere)
Durant – Wild (The Eastern hemisphere)

The Pokemon Yamask has been hinted at on the official Pokemon GO Twitter account as well as in the key art above, but it’s not yet confirmed if it along with its evolution, Cofagrigus, are going to be in the game yet.

You’ll have a small chance of finding a Shiny Patrat and Shiny Lillipup in the wild. According to research from The Silph Road, the shiny rate for wild encounters is about one in 450. You also have a chance to encounter a Shiny Klink after you defeat it as a Raid Boss.

In addition to the new Unova region Pokemon, week three of the Ultra Bonus also brings with it the opportunity to fight and encounter a Mewtwo with the exclusive move Psystrike in five-star Raid Battles. You may also find a shiny Mewtwo. According to The Silph Road, your chances of encountering a shiny Legendary Pokemon after a Raid Battle is one in 19. Also appearing in Raids are new Raid Bosses that can serve as counters to Mewtwo when you beat and capture them.

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