New Pokemon Teased as Glitch on Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Website

pokemon sword shield new pokemon

The Pokemon Company A screenshot of the webpage for the mystery Pokemon.

A new Pokemon for Pokemon Sword & Shield has been teased on the official website, appearing as a glitch.

The Twitter account for Pokemon tweeted that a new Pokemon was discovered and instructed people to visit the website. Upon reaching the main page, you can see a glitched image appearing on one of the corners of the screen. It will quickly move away if you hover your mouse cursor over it. Clicking on the image before it moves away plays the cry of the Pokemon Rotom and reloads the page.

The mystery Pokemon actually has its own webpage. Most of the info on it including its name is redacted, but it does tell us that the Pokemon is fighting-type, weighs 257.9 lbs. and has the ability Steadfast which increases the speed stat of a Pokemon by one stage if it flinches after being hit with a certain move according to Bulbapedia. It also contains the following quote:

Only [Redacted] that have survived many battles can attain this [missing]. When this Pokemon’s [Redacted] [Redacted]ers, it will retire from combat.

The quote seems to imply that the mystery Pokemon is either an evolved Pokemon or a Pokemon with a different form.

My initial guess was that it was an alternate form of Cubone, given the shape of its head. However, a few users on Twitter suggested that it was an alternate form of Farfetch’d. It’s weapon does look similar in color to the leek that Farfetch’d carries. Also, some users believe that the glitched picture on the website is actually the Pokemon on its side.

Another user has tried filling in the blanks on the quote on the website:

So the current guess seems to be the Galar Form of Farfetch’d. It may even have a gimmick where it retreats from battle when it takes enough damage, similar to Wimpod and Golisopod. The only thing that doesn’t check out is its weight; Farfetch’d has a weight of 33.1 lbs. according to Bulbapedia, which is much lighter than the mystery Pokemon’s 257.9 lbs.

Update: Looks like the speculation was true. The mystery Pokemon is indeed a new, Galar region exclusive evolution of Farfetch’d known as Sirfetch’d, Nintendo confirmed.

Sirfetch’d evolves from Farfetch’d in the Galar region who experience many battles, according to the official website. If their treasured leek, which it uses as a lance, finally withers, it will retire from fighting.

The website says that Sirfetch’d “will make its appearance in Pokemon Sword,” implying that it’s exclusive to that version of the game only.

While it doesn’t have a gimmick where it leaves battle if its lance is damaged, as we predicted before, it does have an exclusive move known as Meteor Assault. According to its description, the move is extremely powerful but prevents Sirfetch’d from taking an action immediately after using the move. It sounds a lot like Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and other similar moves where it deals a ton of damage but makes the Pokemon skip its next turn.

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