How to Get the Slayer Stealth Upgrade in Gears 5

Gears 5 Slayer Upgrade

While most problems in Gears 5 can be solved with a few bullets and a chainsaw, sometimes being sneaky is the best option. Enter Jack’s Stealth ability, a potent skill that allows Kait to vanish from sight. Normally you would leave stealth upon attacking someone, but with the Slayer upgrade, you can remain cloaked and fire your gun. It’s especially effective for taking out troublesome snipers or getting some breathing room in a hectic fight. However, obtaining this upgrade will require completing a side quest in Act 3.

In order to unlock this upgrade, you’ll need to complete the Waterworks sidequest. Available only during Act 3, Delta Squad will be tasked with uncovering why Paduk’s water has stopped. Unlike the other sidequests, you’ll be given clear indicators of where you need to go. On your map, head towards the big white question mark to trigger this quest. You’ll need to rescue someone trapped inside the station from the Swarm.

Thankfully, there aren’t a lot of them so just blast your way through. If you have Jack’s Hijack ability, then this battle is pretty trivial. Once you free her, you’ll be informed of two other locations that need your attention. Both will be marked on your map with a water droplet icon, so decide where to go next. These locations are loosely defended, so it shouldn’t be too tricky to regain control. Just play it safe and use Jack’s Hijack on hard-hitting foes like snipers.

Once all three locations are finished you’ll be rewarded with the Slayer upgrade for your stealth ability. This is a supremely useful perk, so we recommend grabbing it before you head to the main quest location. You’ll be able to complete this side quest for almost the entirety of Act 3.

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