Dead by Daylight Stranger Things DLC Release Date Revealed

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Release Date

BHVR / Netflix

The Netflix hit show Stranger Things and Dead by Daylight are teaming up for the release of a new chapter.

This chapter will bring Steve and Nancy as the new survivors while including the Demigorgon as the new killer.

The new killer actually has the potential to be the among the scariest in the game due to the ability to tunnel in the ground and lunge at survivors.

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things chapter

BHVRStranger Things meets Dead by Daylight.

Players on PC have gotten a chance to test these new characters out on the PTB and the results have been very positive so far.

There definitely hasn’t been a killer like this in the game before so it’ll introduce some new mechanics that help him feel fresher for longer than other killers.

Steve and Nancy, on the other hand, look almost identical to their TV show counterparts so it’ll be interesting to see how players react to seeing them in-game.

All that we were missing was an official release date but that has now been revealed.

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Chapter Release Date

This new DLC will be arriving on all platforms on September 17 according to the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account.

This means players won’t have to wait until the end of the month to get their hands on it like was previously speculated. What this means for the Nintendo Switch version remains to be seen as the DLC hits a week before the release.

A good way to implement this DLC would have been to release it the same day as the Switch so it would’ve been caught right up with the DLC cycle. It’s definitely still possible the new chapter will hit the Switch on day one so we’ll see.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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