How to Get the Cerberus+1 Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Cerberus+1 Catalyst

Destiny 2’s latest expansion is officially live and unsurprisingly there is quite a lot of new content. While the main attraction is Shadowkeep’s campaign, it appears a collection of new Exotic catalysts are now in the game. One of these is for the unruly Exotic assault rifle, Cerberus+1. Currently, it’s unclear how many new catalysts are in the game, but we can confirm that there is one for Cerberus+1. Here’s what we know so far about how to get it.

This catalyst appears to drop from killing any type of enemy, similar to ones for weapons like the Tractor Cannon. Players are reporting that they’ve been obtaining it from dead enemies during a variety of different activities such as campaign missions, free roam, and Strikes. A member in my fireteam obtained it via the latter after killing a Strike boss.

All of the reports we’ve seen have been from enemies on the Moon, but this might be due to everyone playing the new content. Our best guess is this catalyst simply drops from defeating enemies or powerful enemies anywhere in the game. Additionally, all the catalyst requires you to do is kill enemies with the Cerberus+1. Once masterworked it will tighten up the gun’s spread, making it easier to hit targets and hopefully reducing the weapon’s insane recoil.

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