Dead by Daylight The Archives: Battle Pass, Price & More


The mid-chapter patch has finally arrived in Dead by Daylight and with it comes the long-awaited Withering Blight Halloween event.

This update was also supposed to bring The Archives into the game after testing it out on the public test build, but it was temporarily delayed.

Now, those problems have subsided so let’s just dive right into what this new feature in Dead by Daylight is all about.

What Are The Archives?

The Rift Pass Dead by Daylight

BHVRBattle Pass, anyone?

The Archives are a brand-new feature introduced with the latest mid-chapter patch and it introduces an interesting way to unlock lore in Dead by Daylight.

Players will be able to unlock many rewards with the Rift Pass, which is Dead by Daylight’s equivalent of a Battle Pass, which can be found in pretty much any battle royale game.

For $10 (1,000 Auric Cells) players will be able to tier up and unlock a variety of new cosmetics.

For what it is, it’s actually a lot of value and there are even options for players to get goodies for free.

You can scroll through the entirety of the Rift Pass on Dead by Daylight’s website if you’re interested in it.

How Often Does It Update?

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Patch Notes

BHVREnjoy the Rift Pass.

The plan is to introduce a new Rift Pass with each mid-chapter update, so about every couple of months, we’ll be getting a new set of unlockables.

Dead by Daylight certainly didn’t need to add anything like this into the game but it’s a very welcome addition that will help players feel less burnt out on the offerings the game currently has.

This will definitely add some longevity to the game and make players play a little bit out of their comfort zone if they want to progress.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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