Dead by Daylight Withering Blight Halloween Event Start Time

Dead by Daylight Withering Blight cosmetics

BHVR New Killers are getting the putrid treatment.

The leading asymmetrical horror game on the market, Dead by Daylight, not having a Halloween event would be really strange news.

Luckily, Dead by Daylight will be back again this year with another Halloween event called the Withering Blight and it will offer up a lot of Bloodpoints for players to secure.

Several new cosmetics will be up for grabs as they were last year. Dead by Daylight has been pretty late on the events so far this year so we expect the Halloween one to knock it out of the park.

The only thing we’re really only left waiting for is the official start time. Since we’re not even halfway through the month of October, having a Halloween event this early would be a bit surprising. However, there’s no reason to fear as the event is right on the horizon.

Dead by Daylight’s Withering Blight event will begin on October 22 and run until November 1. This gives players a little over a week of the event and ample time to gain Bloodpoints and get all the cosmetics they’ll need.

BHVRThe Withering Blight begins October 22.

After Halloween, we don’t have a clear idea of what the next event will be, but we’ve seen a Lunar New Year event in the past so it’s possible we could be getting something like that again.

Every consumable item you gain in this event will remain in your inventory if you don’t use them, but you won’t be able to use them after the event. This means it’s important to use them all up before the event concludes, so don’t go around stockpiling everything.

This event is monumental considering it’s the first time an event has come to DBD on the Switch, so that’s exciting to see a whole new platform get access to it.

Dead by Daylight is out now PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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