Dead by Daylight Withering Blight Event: What We Know

BHVR The Withering Blight begins October 22.

It’s October which means a Halloween event is coming to many games and Dead by Daylight is no exception.

In fact, Dead by Daylight not having a Halloween event would be weird and with it skipping a summer event, we’re due for something new.

BHVR has confirmed an event will be here for Halloween and it’s called the Withering Blight. If you’ve been playing Dead by Daylight for over a year now, this event will sound familiar as it’s the same one that appeared last year.

That event introduced a variety of cool looking skins and those are available once again, but now more characters are getting skins since there are more in the game now.

What is the Withering Blight?

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The Hag is ready for Halloween. BHVR

The map will be receiving a Halloween makeover and the items from last year’s event will be returning which include the Pustula Petals offering, All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox and the Will O’ Wisp flashlight.

If you don’t use these special items, you’ll be able to hang onto them after the event but they will not be usable.

The Petals offering will create special hooks and generators that will reward players with additional Bloodpoints, so make sure you grab those on your Bloodweb when you can.

What Cosmetics Are There?

Dead by Daylight Withering Blight cosmetics

BHVRNew Killers are getting the putrid treatment.

The putrid skins from last year return but some additions are here this time around. The Clown, Spirit, Hag and Plague are all getting new skins so pick those up if you like them, they won’t be along forever.

You’ll be able to pick up a few of them for free but if you want the complete collection you’ll have to spend some money.

When Does the Withering Blight Begin

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BHVRDead by Daylight is getting prepped for Halloween.

The Withering Blight Halloween event will begin on October 22 and run until November 1. This gives players ample time to collect Bloodpoints and unlock cosmetics.

For more about this event, you can check out BHVR’s blog post here.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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