Where to Find Ethereal Charms in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Destiny 2 Ethereal Charms

There are a lot of weapons, armor pieces, and cosmetics to obtain in Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Shadowkeep. With many of them tied to the Moon, Season Pass, or upcoming raid, there are a few guns you can get your hands on as you progress through the campaign. Tied to various Essences you collect on your journey, the Essence of Greed revolves around the machine gun archetype. Completing this quest will award players the A Fine Moment machine gun with a randomized set of perks.

However, to unlock this gun you’ll need to find Ethereal Charms which are located in the Temple of Crota. An arena not marked on your map, you’ll need to do a bit of exploring to obtain these charms. Thankfully, there isn’t a lot of resistance standing in your way.

Destiny 2 Temple of Crota

‌Temple of Crota entrance highlighted by the cursor.

To start, load into Sanctuary and head towards the Anchor of Light. After the large, dome building you’ll find a snaking path on the right. Following this short road will lead you to the Temple of Crota’s entrance. Now begin descending into the fortress until you reach a large room with a spiked mechanical device in the middle. Opposite the door you entered from you’ll see the Ethereal Charms laying on some broken pieces of rock.

Remember, when you get close to this item it will be highlighted by a white diamond. This makes it quite easy to find, so don’t fret about running past it. Once you obtain this weapon part all you’ll have to do is kill enemies with a machine gun and complete various activities on the Moon. This is far and away the easiest of all the Essence items to find.

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