How to Get Love from Above Achievement in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Love from Above Achievement

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has officially released, so it’s time to dive into the campaign and start earning achievements. Like previous entries in the series, Modern Warfare has a number of challenges for each campaign mission. These range from not killing civilians to carrying a cinderblock throughout an entire mission. One of the most challenging is Love from Above, which tasks the player with destroying four trucks with drone strikes before they stop moving.

Tied to The Embassy mission, progress through the level until you are given the laser pointer. This is used to call a deadly missile to wherever your laser is aiming at. There’s a slight delay from the time you pull the trigger to when the missile actually hits. Because of this, you’ll need to aim where the target is going to be not where it is.

At you destroy the soldiers on the scaffolding, Price will inform you that more enemies are arriving in vehicles. Ignore the foot soldiers and solely focus on using the laser pointer to decimate the four trucks driving towards you. The first one will enter through the field in front of you, so wait until the vehicle is driving in a straight line and laser point ahead of it. This will cause the truck to drive into the missile, blowing it up.

The second truck will arrive on the road to the left, so aim past the blue car and pull the trigger once the truck reaches the second tree. Vehicle number three will enter through the field on the far right. Once the truck turns it will drive in a straight line towards you for a couple of seconds, this is your window to blow it up.

Finally, the last truck will arrive a few seconds after the third one arrives. It will enter the field via the far right entrance, so mark the same area you did for the third. This should take out the fourth and final truck, earning you the Love from Above achievement. Don’t panic if you miss, as you’ll have a few seconds to recover and launch another drone strike before the truck stops. If the vehicle does stop, just reload the checkpoint and try again!

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