NBA 2K20 1.06 Patch Notes: Neighborhood Fixes & More

NBA 2K20 1.06 Patch Notes

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Another patch has just gone live in NBA 2K20 and it fixed a variety of issues that are currently plaguing the game.

It’s another girthy patch as it comes in at 14.621 GB on PS4, making it, like usual, the size of a full-length game. For what it’s worth, these updates are fixing major bugs with the game so it’s not like they are going completely to waste.

To make things even better, we actually received a look at some patch notes, even if they are a bit light. We don’t usually get a good set of patch notes from 2K like we do with other games, so we’ll take what we can get.

Most of the fixes target problems with the Neighborhood mode, which is to be expected given the popularity of the mode.

Here’s the look at the patch notes that 2K provided for patch 6.

  • Fixes incorrect MyPLAYERs loading when joining friends in The Neighborhood
  • Fixes users getting disconnected during timeouts in some online game modes
  • Fixes hanging when dismissing the phone in The Neighborhood
  • Many more fixes

Obviously, it’s not a whole lot that was provided but given the size of the update, we can assume that the “Many more fixes” are fixing a lot of things under the hood because updates this big don’t come around for no reason.

With the game being out for a little over a month now, having six patches is actually pretty impressive.

This being the only NBA game currently on the market, so it’s important that it gets into as good of a state as it can so fans stay happy.

It’s clear there’s a lot of problems with it for right now but as the team sticks with it, those bugs and issues will eventually be ironed out for good.

Keep an eye on what feels different next time you fire up the game, perhaps some of the most nagging bugs are gone.

NBA 2K20 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.