How to Get the Pit Stop Achievement in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Pit Stop Achievement

There are a lot of achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, all of which ask you to complete certain, typically unorthodox tasks. One of the simplest is Pit Stop, which asks you to halt 3 APCs with Hadir’s sniper rifle in the Highway of Death mission. While this sounds simple on paper, this will put your sniping skills to the test. Keep in mind, if you use any other weapons to pop the tires then you won’t unlock this achievement – it has to be done with Hadir’s rifle.

As you progress through the mission, you’ll be informed that Russian ACPs are approach from the west. Move to your original sniping spot and look to the far left side of the main road. You should see four ACPs rolling in formations towards your location. To stop an APC you need to shoot a minimum of three tires to completely halt the vehicle. Your rounds will not pierce the armor, so this is the only way to stop them.

The wind will be blowing to the right, so aim just to the left of each tire at the 400-meter tick (second vertical dash in the crosshair). Try to pop a single tire first on each APC, as this will dramatically slow them down, allowing you to pick them off. Now pick your target and take out the remaining two tires on the first APC.

Quickly zoom out and locate your next APC before engaging. Remember, once an APC is completely disabled they will fire white smoke around it so don’t bother focusing on the soldiers pouring out. Try to wait until the APCs are driving in a straight line towards you, as this makes hitting them with a sniper round far easier. Sometimes a single bullet can take out multiple tires, but this is pretty rare.

Our biggest piece of advice is to weaken each APC first, before trying to completely stop one. These vehicles move very fast and once they get closer it will be harder to hit them since they’re weaving through the rubble. If you think an APC is about to stop, just reload the checkpoint otherwise Modern Warfare will autosave and you’ll need to do the entire level again.

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